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Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance For Women by Delilah Devlin (Blog Tour)

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Imagine a time when survival required physical strength and men were judged by their fierce loyalty and unshakeable honor. USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin has collected the most evocative tales of historical romance in Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, which is full of wild knights, hunky horsemen and Scottish warriors whose courage on the battlefield is only outmatched by their ardor for their ladyloves. 

In Layla Chase's Icelandic coming-of-age story, a rough combatant from a neighboring clan is softened by "The Maiden's Kiss." A battle-broken Highlander returns to the castle in Susannah Chapin's "Wicked" and is made whole again in the arms of his perfect mate. An aristocratic warrior woman makes an unforgettable impression when she hunts alongside an entrancing Mongol general in Connie Wilkins's danger-filled "A Falcon in Flight." The Stories of these bravehearts will have you heading for the hills!

Author Interview with Delilah Devlin

What's your favorite part about being an author?

Every part. I love the hours—I set them. I love the wardrobe—whatever’s handy: sweats, jeans, t-shirts with funny slogans. The creative aspect—I get paid for daydreaming!

Describe your writing process.

When I’m in writing mode, my day looks like this: 
8:00 AM Breakfast, then get showered and dressed 
9:00 Read through email, review my To Do list 
10:00 Begin writing new words, with hourly breaks to get up and stretch, refill the coffee 
3:00 PM to 4:00 Quit work! 
10:00 PM Set the next day’s To Do

Any weird things you do when you’re alone?

Wow, you really want to know? Okay, safe answer, I have this pair of dolls—Chuckie and Bride of Chuckie—that completely creep me out. I can’t get rid of them because they do give me very vivid nightmares, which can be great fodder for stories. So every night when I go to bed, I turn Chuckie’s face away from my bed. At night, when I awaken, I glance very quickly to make sure the shadowed figures are exactly where I placed them. And if I ever saw a glowing white orb in the darkness (his face), I’d scream bloody murder.

Can you fake any accents?

I’m pretty good at very cheesy German.

Have you ever been in a tug of war?

As in literal, physical pulling on a rope while staring at the mudpit you’re inching closer toward? Yes. I was Army for several years and we did that sort of thing for fun. Huh.

What do you consider your biggest failure and how did you cope with the situation?

My resistance to writing a longer story. I can write a novel, but it’s an excruciatingly boring process for me. I love short. Love diving in, telling the story, and moving on to the next. I suffer from W.A.D.D.—Writer’s ADD. And the only strategy I have is to contract for longer works because having an editor nagging me is the only way I’ll write something longer.

How is this book (Hot Highlander & Wild Warriors) any different from the other books you've written?

To begin with, I didn’t write the entire book, just one story in the collection. This is the seventh collection I’ve put together for Cleis, but the first with a historical theme, something I passionately championed to my editor. I know there have to be readers out there who love the genre just as much as I do. I became a romance novel fan when I discovered historical romance novels.

Why should people read romance or erotic fiction novel?

Sometimes, our lives can be pretty passionless. We go through our daily routines—getting kids ready for school, heading to work, trying to cram errands in between—and by the time we get home, we’re tired and maybe feeling like a little cog in a wheel attached to a very big, uncaring machine. Reading romance is an escape that not only takes us exciting places, but connects with our emotions and inspires us to find the passion in our real lives.

Queekie Girl Reads Reviews
Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance For Women by Delilah Devlin

**The physical copy was provided by the publisher**
(Actual) Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I would like to give special thanks to Cleis Press and Tempted Romance for the opportunity to read and review Hot Highlanders & Wild Warriors! Not forgetting, Ms Sara for the sweet surprise of contacting me about the book and blog tour! Thank you!

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I literally read the book the moment I received it from the mail. Without hesitation, Hot Highlanders & Wild Warriors has captivated me with its explicit hot mess short stories. Some of the short stories I found were quite gibberish though and didn't really enjoyed it. Nevertheless, I've learned through the pages while reading, men during that time, might as well have the most pleasant soft and gentle sounding voices. Besides having badass bodies, they are able to show how much they care. Although, well-guarded in battle or love, they are capable of also having their soft side for someone special.

"My pleasure is in giving you pleasure."

"I'd rather bring you pleasure a thousand time than myself once."

One of the stories I've enjoyed is 'My Loveliest Vision'. It was then that I realized that anyone and everyone can love anyone whom they desire. Even if it means the person is going through hardships or is physically challenged, the hope of receiving abundant love from someone is not impossible. Steadfast love, that's what is called.

"I've learned 'plain' in one man's eyes can be heavenly in another's. That a warm smile can be more enticing than the most blatant invitation, and a willowy figure ca arouse in me the incessant need to touch, to taste, to take in away no buxom wench ever has."
The quote itself was overwhelming for me. I'm fully aware that it's not meant for me but I can't help but be reminded of my low self-esteem. It made me believe again that I'm perfectly made the away I am and that eventually someone will get the better view to actually notice me.

Hot Highlanders & Wild Warriors reveals me the many capabilities of breathtaking men of the past and made me appreciate their burning passion that granted them their sexy victories.

Excerpt from “The Promise of Memory” by Regina Kammer, part of the anthology Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance for Women by Delilah Devlin

Only once had she seen the knight face-to-face and touched his masculine warmth. One afternoon, returning from the drying rooms of the dyers, she carried twisted hanks of spun linen in her arms, realizing, by the time she reached the breezeway before her studio, there were too many to hold. The uppermost hanks fell to the tiles, and she tried, vainly, to hold on to the rest as she bent down to pick up the scattered bundles. Suddenly, he appeared, unnoticed as he often was after exiting the empress’s bedchamber, his steps more languid, less demanding than when he had arrived earlier that afternoon.

He crouched to her level and reached for the hank of gray-blue at the same time she did, his strong fingers encircling hers, the heat of his palm spreading through her body like wild-fire. Her face flushed, matching, she was sure, the deep crimson stripes of his tunic. She dared to look him in the eyes, the same color as the recalcitrant linen, the blue-gray of the summer sky in Germania. The color of freedom once held in her youth. The same color as her husband’s.

Surprise flitted imperceptibly across his face, turning quickly to enchantment. “Let me help you.” His voice was gravelly, deep, conveying the serenity his body felt after having slaked his need between the empress’s legs. He reached for the unbalanced load in her arms, shifting his weight, his short tunic riding up his muscular thighs to reveal he did not wear a subligaculum wrapped around his loins. His satisfied cock lay slack against his pendulous balls, then twitched and livened under her captivated gaze.

Her breaths came quickly, excitedly at the sight. She had to look away—at his thighs, at his hands, at his scars, at anything else. Her eyes rested on his face now too close to hers, the corners of his lips curled in amusement and expectation.

And then, as he took her burden from her arms, his hands brushed against her breasts, the band of his gold signet ring tweaking a piqued nipple. He stared admiringly at the sight of the tender peaks tightening in wanton desire.

She tried in vain to control her panting breaths.


About the Author

Delilah Devlin is a prolific and award-winning author of erotica and erotic romance with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. Whether creating dark, erotically-charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive historical stories that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin “pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for more…” (Paranormal Reviews). Ms. Devlin has published over 100 erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths.Her titles include Cowboy Lust, Smokin’ Hot Firemen, High Octane Heroes, Cowboy Heat, Down in Texas, and Texas Men. Her short stories have been featured in Fairy Tale Lust and Passion. A USA Today best-selling author, she lives in Arkadelphia, AR.


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