Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stealing the Bachelor

A sweet category romance from Entangled's Bliss Imprint...

She needs his help, but he has a price...

Having missed out on the "drop-dead-gorgeous" gene in her family, Ann Snyder decides to kick a little butt in the business world instead. That is, until her skeezy manager's "side business" has the FDA raiding her chocolate shop. Now Ann's in huge trouble...and the only person who can help her is the adorkable guy who completely humiliated her in high school.

Lawyer Eric Maxwell has been in love with Ann as long as he can remember. He figured he never stood a chance-don't the beautiful girls always prefer the bad boys to the nerds? So he makes Ann a deal. He'll provide her with free legal services...if she'll move in and help transform him from nerd-without-a-clue to bona fide bad boy.

And once the transition is complete, all he has to do is prove that he's the only bachelor for her...

Author: Sonya Weiss (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Buy online: Amazon | Kobo
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(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stealing the Bachelor absolutely amazed me of how much I was really into it the moment I read the excerpt. I was really excited to read the book to be honest and I just couldn't put it down the moment I purchased it. Luckily it was on sale! I knew I would love the book, call it love book at first read especially the flirting at the start has my heart racing all of a sudden.

I just enjoyed reading the book till the end. It was intriguing enough to know Eric Maxwell. The lawyer that he is. He can be inspiring in a way that the fact he is a lawyer is something that amazed me because of his logical reasoning. He is truly mesmerizing since a lawyer has that ability of persuasiveness. Really bonus points of how he is killing it with his smooth moves on Ann Snyder.

Both Eric Maxwell and Ann Snyder has been holding back in getting way too close with each other. They doubt a lot about what could've been between them. In my opinion, the doubts hinders the true feelings they had right from the start. It's cute though with all their bickering and non-stop teasing plus flirting. I enjoyed those moments the most as I was smiling ear to ear. Imaginations do run wild with me so hopefully I get to experience the love that Ann has received from his long time secret admirer Eric.

Stealing the Bachelor simply tells to love without feeling uncertain about how you truly love the person regardless of any misunderstanding in the past.

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