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I fangirl when I jot down my opinions - personalizing my own book reviews with thoughts and (life) experiences. I get emotional, sentimental when I review. Rambling too. They are just opinions anyway. iRead and iReview YA books. ANY YA books. 

Most books that I review are borrowed from the library. I'm pretty poor student girl to get her own copies. I have a few of my own books though.

But there's no need to be shy about saying you go to the library to borrow books. It's good to borrow if you can't afford to buy books you love so much (i weep- always when i see books I can never have owned. that's why I kiss them goodbye before I drop them off the chute for returning) to the nearest public library you go to and the very good thing is - it is legit!

I see myself as having lots of unorganized thoughts. I'm still pretty new to reviewing and my vocabulary is no more than good. So if any of you come across my book blog, please do give me your suggestions and opinions about my writing of book reviews. Thanks in advance! Though I've started book blogging in 2011 and I still not really am sure I'm doing the right way of reviewing books. Pretty pathetic of me. Well, I was not really serious then now I want to give it a try and probably chances are I might get better at it. Just hobby, but still. We are always developing our knowledge, skills and every thing we do, every day is all learning processes and being all productive!

That's why I started this platform to remind myself that I'm doing this for my benefit and others too. Doing the thing I absolutely enjoy. Hopefully, I can organize giveaways. Make it merrier for every bookworms. Soon. I don't know when is soon. *fingers crossed* So now, I/we wait for giveaway policy if there's anything necessary for that. I don't want to loose hope though!

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Title of the blog and its kind of history...

Well, I just announced that my blog title is changed from "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" to "Queekie Girl Reads". WOO HOO! A huge step to make!

July 13, 2013 - the date I changed title of the blog



Here are the reasons why:

1. I figured out it was not a concise title that tells me what my blog is about and that it is really and truly a long name. It isn't unique either because search engine like Google couldn't find my blog. It got buried somewhere, that I don't even know where it is.

2. Second, my name starts with the letter Q. That's a fact actually. True. I was an idiot to not name my blog in the first place the way the URL is named.

3. My best friend, well, one of my best friend told me about me and David Archuleta were in her dreams. David A is my all time favorite singer who was the 1st runner up on American Idol Season 7! Real adorable chipmunk that guy, haha!

Basically, she told me that in her dreams - we were talking to David about pronouncing my name Queenielyn correctly, instead he pronounced it "Queekie" which made me cracked up!! I was pretty jealous she had the dream and not me. Not that I haven't got a chance to be with David in my own dreams. That's how the URL name got its name from and reminded me that the idea of changing my blog title! :)!

Those are the reasons why.

"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" blog title did give me great opportunities and that, I was most proud of was that it got featured on Shadow and Bone (paperback) by Leigh Bardugo! You can view it --CLICK HERE!

I thank you so much for the support with my blog, especially to all my friends who believes in me so much I can't figure out myself sometimes. "You can do it!" All it took was that-- I needed the push and motivation. Thank you! HUGS TO Y'ALL!

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