Stan Kpop!

2018, 2018, 2018!

My precious life for the half of 2018 is truly full of discovery especially when it comes to Korean pop or Kpop! I just wanted to give a good representation and dedicate this whole page to the Kpop groups I currently and truly love. I appreciate all of them!

I have myself to give all the full love for B2ST/HIGHLIGHT - the reason why I came to finally love Kpop!

Next is my super stan group, SHINee!

Those two are my most beloved Kpop groups not because they already exist for quite a long time (9 years - B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, 10 years - SHINee). I genuinely just love those two groups that I thought to myself I am 24/7 updated with their activities more than anything else.

More Kpop groups I stan has surfaced namely, EXO, iKON and SF9! Check them out ^^ 

Groups I stan: 






Anyways, I just wanted to share that with everyone here who visits my book blog! Let me know if you love Kpop too and who you stan! I'll sure to holler in Korean, annyeong (안녕)!

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