Review Policy

Hello authors/publishers/everyone! First of all, thank you for visiting and scanning through my previous reviews. I really appreciate it.

The following are my policy accordingly and clearly stated:

I accept and read Young Adult books for reviews except e-book formats/digital copies. I accept e-book format (PDF). I always do visit the library to borrow books. I don't normally buy my own books since I can't afford all of them. I try my best to sound positive in each review I write on the blog connecting my opinions and experiences. I sometimes write of what I learned out of the books which I am always so happy to share every time.

Genres I like in the YA genre are: Romance, Realistic-fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopia, Science-Fiction

I want to dedicate my blog to help host giveaways and promote authors' books to readers. Also I want to share my blog to book bloggers - be a part of the happiness I feel whenever I read/review books - be able to connect to the readers', that is, fangirling modes because of the many YA book boyfriends now living in fiction and also to share, breathe words every day. In addition, talking (interviews) with the authors would also be awesome to do. I am hoping this journey would lead me to a great one.

School is somehow getting in the way, so it might take a while for me to finish reading the books I need to review. Thus, I can't know for sure whether I'll be able to get every book reviewed and all posted up immediately.

Simply shoot me an email by clicking the envelope button.

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