Friday, February 08, 2013

Why We Broke Up

This novel tells the story of Min Green and how she and Ed Slaterton met at a party, saw a movie, followed an old woman, shared a hotel room, and broke each other’s hearts.
3 stars rating.

To others who had personally experienced heartbreaks and thought love was true between their first loves, might have found this beautiful and relevant. At same time, significant even— all memories and everything that comes together that made this book. In my opinion, it was not relevant to me. I have never really been in a relationship. So, I have NO idea. Nevertheless, good book!

“You either have the feeling or you don’t”

And yes, Ed was plain jerk. I don’t even need to get to the ending to tell me the conclusion is that he is just one big jerk. Even as Min was writing, all the things he did with Min was for an act. However, I think not everything was for a front act. He did love Min. We might as well just say he’s a playboy. You know…popular guy and all. So, it happens.

This is going to be a spoiler so look out!!

“Dumping you times infinity. Still not enough.” Min is so hurt, Ed, you jerk

Min was not ready to say ‘I love you’ to Ed. On that part, I could connect to what she was feeling because I too find it difficult to say ‘I love you’ not to my boyfriend I don’t have one but actually saying it with meaning to my parents is difficult to me. Why? They might think I’m just saying it just for the sake of it when actually they don’t know that deep inside I love them very much and I wanted to show them I love them by studying hard, obeying them. I’m not good with spoken words. I have my thoughts and actions to show my love through what I do.

Both Min and Ed are very realistic characters. Min, she has this wild imaginations and creativity in her and probably that’s what makes her different. She’s a girl who wants nothing else and only want Ed’s love in return. She’s very simple that when you ask her what she wants she’ll not ask lots of things that are temporary but she asks for the things she needs and likes very much and just very cheerful girl! But I don’t get it to why she thinks she is a loser when she is not.

With or without Ed, Min, you are beautiful. You may think that when you were with Ed he is the only person who lift you higher than the sky, well you are wrong.

“I’m dumping this box on your porch, Ed, but it is you Ed, who is getting dumped.” Min has got the girl power going on!

The irony in the whole story. It is wonderful yet heartbreaking. I could not believe the irony of it. And it happens in reality too. Unpredictable, unexpectedly different of how everything turns out to be. It happens. I admit that I was surprised. Now that I think of it, we can only trust ourselves and not all people are there to help you instead they could manipulate you to thinking something true when it is not.

The illustrations are well drawn. The simplicity of each picture is just love love love. I feel like I’m a kid filled with pictures in an YA adult which I enjoyed so much! I love being a kid at heart! The quality of writing style of the author is great. The author wrote vivid descriptions which I am very pleased about.

Hilarious quote!!
Trevor: “I just mean, you guys are like those two planets that crash together in a movie I saw on TV when I was a kid once, the blue people and these weird red guys.”
Min: “When Planets Collide. It’s a Frank Cranio film. At the end they’re all purple.”
Trevor: “Yeah! Nobody i ever knew ever knew that.”

Ed, let’s just say you were wrong and Min was right. She called it off because you are not her cup of tea. She’s not THAT into you anymore and that’s why you broke up.

I’m now fully aware why Min and Ed broke up. That sums everything up.
And this review – it’s a wrap!! Woo! Happy reading!!

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