Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shooting Stars

Jo is a 16-year-old paparazzo who’s desperate to get out of the game, but needs the money. When she’s offered a week-long job with fantastic pay, it seems like the perfect solution to her problems. But this particular job is low and dirty and will mean betraying the only star she’s ever liked…

Fast read cute book!! I find it really adorable, teenage book!!

However, there are more messages that is saying especially about megastars in Hollywood. We may think they are what we think they are but actually there’s more to their side of story than they are showing on your TV screen.

Jo. Good for Jo in this book. Really funny and sweet character too. It’s got great twist between and her the superstar which I would say yeah I agree that this book is witty enough that should teenagers read!

It’s all saying that superstars still have their own reality other than all shining spotlights on them. They also have weaknesses like us. Of course they are still human and also have delicate things about them, after all. So, when you see them in personal or on TV, you may want to consider thinking first before you speak or give opinions about them while you sit on your couch. Think about how are they getting along with their family when they are not in tours, filming movies, etc. Or do they ever do anything else they like in their own personal time in when they can have fun and no one will mob them?

If you happen to see superstars in the surface where you really just walk around aimlessly and suddenly they clashes/bump right in front of you, do wave at them!! It’ll make a difference and they will feel normal in a normal-no-spotlight-on kind of way :) !

The book may not just referring to the superstars in Hollywood in my opinion, they happen in schools too! In your own school! Probably a popular guy or girl in your school where everyone knows about him/her so much its everyone’s talk in any news they get around. And that popular guy/girl might have deep secrets— better to say it as “weaknesses” rather than secrets. you never know, they’ve been having hardship about something. Surprise surprise all in the way! Better know people first and get real close to them before you judge. ;)

Happy August reading, bookwormies!!

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