Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Past Perfect

Beautifully written by Leila Sales. She’s awesome for writing this!

I have a copy of this beautiful book given by Ms Leila Sales, herself and it's such great feeling to have received it from her and got a personalized autograph!! I love Ms Sales!

I can read this book over and over again :D :D
This book is amazing. Beautifully written. I love it! The song that it reminds me of so much is Someone Else’s Heart by Kina Grannis. I really adore this song! There’s history in it. I like history!

This book will be good to those who had been in a relationship where everything just didn’t work and broke up—can’t seem to move on. Obviously I haven’t experience any of the pain Chelsea Glaser felt but still I feel her and understands.

I am really fascinated about this book. It shows what truly LOVE is. Teenagers this days are different. Guys are treating girls like Barbie when girls really are not. Throw away..find someone new to toy around with.. I don’t understand any of these stuff either when you can only have one real love and not a few or lot of ‘em.

There are some quotes I really liked! A few quotes:

“What really happened doesn’t matter. What matters is how we agree to remember it.”

“A boy once told me that love without heartbreak is just a pretty myth.”

“History is written by the victors.”

“….he has the emotional maturity of a toddler…”

The book gave me hope to a guy that I’ll have a real love (in the future) and not looking at it through glass when it actually it’s not real but I want that guy to be REAL. Hope it makes any sense! Haha!

I came across my friend’s status on Facebook about Love and I actually learned something out of the book and commented: I guess when you love someone that easily, it’s not true love. But if it’s hard, that’s true love? *wild guess* LOL

I am so amazed at how wonderful book ‘Past Perfect’ is! I love it! Great job Ms Sales! Thank you for writing it!

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