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The Guild Series #4: Redemption of the Soul by J.L. Vallance

Faced with an impossible ultimatum, Vivienne Drake does the only thing she knows--survive. Her first priority is to protect the people she loves, no matter the cost.

Aedan, Lord of the Daemonium can sense his victory. Though his daughter believes she has a solution to defeat him, he's planned for everything she could throw at him. Aedan has not only planned for it, he's set new obstacles into motion that will rock Vivienne's world.

Linux's entire life has been pain, torture, and deceit. All he's ever known is loss and war. But now that he's seen the light that Vivienne Drake possesses, he wants nothing but to own her--heart and soul. Faced with an order to destroy the only beauty in his life, the woman he loves, Linux will fight. He'll fight to protect her, to help her succeed, and to save her from the destiny the Angels have planned for her. He'll fight for the redemption he longs for.

Vivienne won't just survive. She'll stand and fight--not just to protect Humanity and the ones she loves, but to make up for a life she was denied and secure a future she deserves. Vivienne Drake finally has something to believe in and she is willing to risk it all to keep it.

Author: J.L. Vallance (WebsiteFacebookTwitter)
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**The ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**
(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Redemption of the Soul reveals more detailed and insightful plot as readers are able to finally have a glimpse some of the secrets lingering behind.

Vivienne, right from the start, has been persistent and her character portrays such enthusiasm that it was enjoyable to read. She is ready to tackle any circumstances, fully committed herself to finish whatever it is that has to be done. Her boldness is something I always have to compliment on because she's totally had me impressed by her capabilities and potentials in doing so. She is also one who brings the best among them even when it seems hope is lost, she will continue on encouraging others. She'd put herself in perilous situations for her loved ones even in the midst of having to suffer and tortured, she will never back down. Her fighting spirit continues to ignite.

I'd also given time to reflect what kind of a father Daemonium Adean is. I'll keep it spoiler-free as much as I can. Anyway, he's extremely different. Especially I have my respect for his character that I still believe he has always been capable of loving his daughter. He just didn't know how to reciprocate and extend the love he feels. I've had high hopes he would be back to his old ways and live a good life eventually. Perhaps, I'm one who always forsee happy endings. Daemonium Aedan may have been seen bitter towards his companions or anyone but I gotta admit, he probably struggled in those moments too, that he wasn't able to get a grip of himself and live life the way he wanted.

I find that Linux was bit of a detached manner in this one, in my opinion. It hurts to see him when he was about to give in to whatever it is involving him with Vivienne. He was utterly lost and confused in everything. Nevertheless, he survived, hold on to the things that matters to him and stood side by side Vivienne. He's still my favorite character especially after all that he has to go through - the pain, humiliation and that breaks my heart.

The climax and the conclusion did well for me. I was dreading and had a hard managing the flow of the story at a few pages here and there. I found out that some were a little bit off and unneccesary, to say the least, such as why Vivienne and her frustration would be of help to any of the current situation at hand. I'm uncertain of what it sends across to the readers. Perhaps, it's a natural side of her and at the same time, it's a whole new Vivienne side altogether for me to have experience in the book. It's all overwhelming as so many different scenarios were happening from all sides.

Linux POV was one heck of a surprise and different more POVs! Linux's POV was short but I would take it. It was tinged with sadness and I let out a sigh of relief after reading his POV. I've also struggled to fully absorb everything Michael had discussed with Linux and Vivienne. I'm still feeling flabbergasted after everything. I didn't figure it out sooner. It was absolutely wicked that it deserves an applause.

I can't help but blurt out that readers just have to continue following the series in order for them to get to one of the best part where the intensity of their heated passion shared in the comfort of their familiar desire for each other. Vivienne and Linux equals match perfect. Enough said.

Redemption of the Soul, set aside some of its flaws, is appealing in its own and I encourage more readers would also get the opportunity to settle in and take pleasure of spending time reading J.L Vallance's new book in The Guild series.

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