Thursday, June 12, 2014

Comment & WIN @sarahantz bookmarks and receive a surprise gift!

It's a weekly giveaway. So far, I have a lucky first winner chosen and you have many chances more to win it! Never hesitate to comment and WIN these lovely bookmarks! Simple steps are made. OPEN INTERNATIONALLY.

Comment below this post or ReTweet (if you have time for Twitter) any of these tweets:

these will definitely be yours to keep! As for the surprise gift, I'll be really secretive about it. Hopefully everyone would enjoy and be surprised to what I would sent out. Let us be happy every day and be surprised!

I'll leave you with these bookmarks, because I will keep saying the word: LOVELY.

Oh, I mentioned about this before. But I would like to emphasize it for everyone to know. Again, it would be so awesome if you guys consider to join Sara Hantz Street Team! We are here!!

Email that you are interested to know the details of becoming a member of the street team and wanted to support lovely author, Sara Hantz!

I did a review for Will The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up by Sara Hantz. Check it!

Giveaway is hosted by Queekie Girl Reads. Bookmarks for promo are provided by the author/Street Team. Also, I give shout out to the awesome publisher, Entangled Teen.

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