Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Stolen Season

One small mistake in the past will change everything about her future...

Archaeologist Sarah Baxter just broke one of the biggest rules of time travel: leaving a piece of 21st­century equipment in 19th century Regency England. Unfortunately, when she goes back to retrieve it, she makes an even bigger mess of things—resulting in the death of an English Earl. Now his brother is not only out for revenge, but he also has Sarah's device. Which means an entirely different approach is needed.

It doesn't occur to the new Earl of Earnston that his charming acquaintance is responsible for his brother's death. He is merely swept away by a passion that threatens his very reputation. Yet he gets the distinct impression that Miss Baxter is hiding something from him. Now Sarah must find a way to steal back her device, hide the truth about the earl's brother and—most importantly— not fall in love...

Author: Tamara Gill (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
Publisher: Entangled: Select Historical
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(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Stolen Season builds up the story in 1817, England, where readers meet protagonist, Sarah Baxter who works on a research together with her father at TimeArch. She's running out of time when Lord Earnston has the device that will bring her back to the future where she belongs. Her escape from Lord Earnston's property as a thief due to her desperation to retrieve the device which caused a tragedy that the Earnston family is never ready for. Sarah now has to decide whether she will continue on to leave without a trace and never come home. Or simply come face to face with the family she's guilty of ever meeting and eventually be home as soon as possible before anyone finds out the murder of the betrothed next-in-line in the Earnston family.

I have to say I couldn't have ask for a better historical romance at the moment than A Stolen Season! Sarah's character has demonstrated her determination through every page where she still held respect for every people she meets down the road. She's understanding too and how she view people is truly fair and very rational. I enjoyed that about her. Her attraction to Eric was immeasurable and a contented sigh of relief for me as the ending was cute and close to perfection. This is what I love about the romance books that Entangled TEEN have. Most of them are so adorable and appealing. Short and sweet too.

A Stolen Season is very concise and fast-paced read with a fairly adorable happily ever after ending you probably might not want to miss! I can definitely say that I thoroughly had a pleasant time reading it!

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