Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rebel Spring

Auranos has fallen. The three kingdoms are united. But in Mytica not everyone is on the same side - and for the victor a dark magic beckons.

CLEO is a prisoner, forced to watch the evil King Gaius lie to her people.

LUCIA is haunted by the deadly magic her father cast to capture the kingdoms.

JONAS and his rebel army are ready to fight.

King Gaius is building a road through the Forbidden Mountains, tunnelling towards the Watcher's Sanctuary. Little does he know that what happens next will change the face of the land forever. It is what the rebels have been waiting for.

Author: Morgan Rhodes (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
Publisher: Penguin Books
Buy online: Amazon | Book Depository
Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rebel Spring basically covers the characters Cleo and Jonas, especially these two. More than anything else that they could want other than claiming their lands - Auranos and Paelsia - respectively and individually, they plan to avenge the many loss of lives from the war against King Gaius. The only way to this would work is for the King Gaius be killed and killed to stop from searching further towards the magic of the Watcher's Sanctuary and the precious Kindred as all secrets still lurks yet to be found.

Rebel Spring may or may not have just disappointed me. It has totally crushed my hopes and expectations for a great sequel. I really hoped that after Falling Kingdoms that the series will get better, well I'm wrong.

First and foremost, to tell the truth the book was fairly good and the story still was pretty solid, focused on the main story goal. Until it wasn't anymore halfway the book. It went downhill and just haywire as if just to convince me as a reader that it's still possible that the whole plot would be very enticing if you would continue on reading. Clearly, after Jonas and the rebel has attacked King Gaius and his reigning kingdom in Auranos to finally end everything, that was probably the most exciting but truly failed. For me, the situation went mediocre and not appealing at all after that.

Completely not happy how the book was going, I started to scan through the book till the very last page. I noticed too how nothing significant about the story. The problem in the story even was disorderly. I really believe the book was trying too hard to make it as though to please readers with all the POVs and all the scenes from every angle. Well, it wasn't very insightful in this case.

Then, there's the characters in love with who and then who and who again. It was never ending of relationships and truly confusing. Especially the thoughts and POV of different characters. Lots of POVs came all of a sudden. Then that leads me thinking that the characters seems to be a bit flat and I don't think I have any favorite characters. Definitely not my taste.

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