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Tyler Oakley's Collaboration with Warby Parker!

Can we just stop for a bit and appreciate the project Tyler Oakley's been about recently? As you all know Tyler Oakley has collaborated with Warby Parker featuring three brand new limited-edition collection of sunglasses and eyeglass frames that y'all should know and after by now! Tyler Oakley would agree with me that there's no such thing as 'too much promo' and that's what I would do!

I bring about Tyler Oakley x Warby Parker project on the blog by highlighting and spreading the word to many of you out there! Believe it or not, I was tempted to include promo for my book blog, haha!

That is besides the whole point, so here we are!

Whether you are a fan of Tyler Oakley or not, I bet you would still love to take a look at the fashionable and trendy picks you have to go for right now! Even if you do not wear eyeglasses or sunglasses for that matter, this would also be a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season!

I personally love the idea of the three different signature eyewear frames that Warby Parker offers: cellulose acetate, Japanese titanium, and hypoallergenic stainless steel. Plus, the lenses are constructed from impact-resistant prescription material and provide UV protection! Furthermore, Tyler worked with Warby Parker design team to apply his signature style throughout Wilder, Stockton, and Downing inspired by his favorite menswear patterns.

If there is one thing I love about the whole collection it is actually how affordable and of course I honestly believe they are made from durable materials that if I were to buy right this moment, I would like the titanium frames! In my opinion, titanium would be worth it for my taste. Now let us have a look at the eyeglasses!

Before proceeding, I have to say this. Those GIFs on the website looks awesome as Tyler Oakley introduces his signature frames styles! I have to compliment his skills in modeling the frames, never did I ever doubt he can pull it off. Tyler Oakley - the true Queen! To make things short and sweet about the three of Tyler Oakley's signature style frames, please allow me to be able to share and include my idea of my own outfit for each signature styles. Let us begin!

First up, Wilder.

Wilder Teal Crystal Fade Men | Women

Wilder Jet Black Matte Men | Women

Wilder is made from custom cellulose acetate. Even if it is not made from titanium I would consider this frame my most favorite especially the Jet Black Matte. I imagine myself wearing semi-formal with ankle boots to go for my outfit of the day. Lipstick on, and light makeup applied on my face would be really cute for an overall look.

Next is, Stockton.

Stockton Jet Black Men | Women

Stockton Eastern Bluebird Fade Men | Women

Stockton makes me think of going late 80's look. What have I been up to lately, you ask? I have been obsessed with Korean fashion. They do lots of tucking in shirts, in my opinion. I predict to have Stockton frames go with that kind of outfit because it just suits well. Yes, stripes can be one of the best option to choose as well!
Now, moving on to the sunglasses styles. Look at that sassy look of Tyler! Those sunglasses slays! Last but definitely not the least - Downing is here to slay, obviously!

Downing Beach Glass Men | Women

Downing Jet Black Matte Men | Women

I choose the Downing Beach Glass, no questions ask. The moment I read made with polarized polycarbonate lenses, I knew I am done with the browsing (whoops Jet Black Matte - sorry, not sorry, haha!). Ever since my first experienced with my defective frame, polarized lenses sunglasses, it was disappointing to have to save money to buy for another pair. Honestly, even if I were to go out wearing just a t-shirt together with a pair of shorts, it would still go well with these sunglasses because you know yourself better that with whatever outfit you have - your sunglasses slays!

To wrap things up, I truly appreciate Tyler Oakley for his great work and collaboration with Warby Parker! The same goes to the team at Warby Parker! Your inspirations to make this possible has come a long way, Tyler! As a big fan of yours, I gladly support every thing you do and I look forward to more of your projects. Thank you for giving your best!

I hope y'all enjoyed and had an awesome time reading the post on my blog! This post is truly something I wanted to do for everyone without asking for anything in return. With that, it is truly a pleasure to write this post. I look forward to write often on the blog!

That is it for now. See you around everyone! Have a wonderful day ahead and don't forget to share, retweet and #WPxTO!

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