Thursday, January 05, 2017

Blog Tour: The Tales of Eon Monkey Collected Works Volume I by Eon Monkey

The Tales of Eon Monkey Collected Works Volume I by Eon Monkey

Genre: Anytime, anywhere, everyday stories for everyone

The collected tales of Eon Monkey from the first three books: 1) Monkey Tales, 2) Gone Fishin’ 3) Matilda and the Missing Button. The stories previously only available in eBooks published for the first time in paperback. Anytime, anywhere, everyday stories for everyone.

Author, Artist, Surf-Side Six Stringer

Eon Monkey lives on a tiny island filled with pineapples, coconuts and lots of bananas. The sound of the sea sings him to sleep and the call of the parrots awakes him in the morning. The sea turtles and the loons bring him stories from around the world and he records these tales on a manual typewriter and sends them out into the world via the Coconut Telegraph.

Find him on the wild wacky web at

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