Thursday, March 30, 2017

Endless Road Trip with my Top 3 Dream Cars!

You might be thinking that a road trip is an experience that can make you feel free, liberated and open. Well, guess what? It is not just all about saying hello to your destination and then goodbye the next but it is the getting there. Now that is the good part! Whether most of the time you first call out "shotgun" or not, there is still the backseat to be occupied! Let's get movin'!

Before anything else, let me introduce you to a very convenient car rental marketplace based in US. I can imagine myself flying to the US any time now especially to San Diego and start my journey from there. Go around town and explore the different cities. I can see myself 4 to 5 years from now expressing my love for travelling. Fearless when it comes to getting lost! For more:

1. If you enjoy watching Korean drama like I do, you'll get what I mean when they drive pretty sweet cars around their cities. I have to guess on this one's model though. Here's a clip!

Now, let us check if you have the same guess as I do!

It is a Lexus IS350 F Sport!
I was so mesmerized not just on the actor playing his character so well but how sleek his driving skills is on this one! But I personally see myself driving this just for me alone for when I needed to get a break from all the heartaches. Heartbreak getaway.

2. This next one will definitely make you feel whole and free from all the heartache I can assure you of that. There is no rush of how you get back on the road and it will naturally take you to places you have never thought possible in just a matter of a round trip with someone special. A once in a lifetime to further deepen your camaraderie together.

Interestingly enough I have always wondered about Morgan Matson's Amy & Roger's Epic Detour whenever I am reminded of road trips with great soothing and laid back jams or playlist both from the book's characters Amy and Roger. Detour. Instead of coming to Connecticut all the way to California, why not maximized the time for a cross-country trip? Definitely a relationship goal for many of us whether single or not!

Jeep Liberty
I couldn't have asked for anything better than my Liberty!

3. I know this may be a little cliche but I have been keeping an eye out for Volkswagen Beetle. It is the Love Bug, Herbie!!

Making the grand entrance as I sum up my top 3 Dream Cars!

How classic Herbie looks even as we all move forward in life which in this case it probably waves a banner that says "Fine.Fresh.Fierce." We should also thank Katy Perry for that wonderful slogan!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Right now as a student, I am getting really inspired by Ferris Bueller's Day Off and actually really make a difference to my dull life by driving a car to wherever I find convenient. Talk about rebelling against school rules! Off I go!

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