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Blitz: Magic & Shadows

Magic and Shadows: A Collection of YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romances

by Various Authors

Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy

Release Date: November 7th 2017

Opal Moon Press


Magic lurks in every shadow.

Slip into darkness with 11 action-packed YA fantasy and paranormal novels. This collection has something for every lover of the mystical and mysterious—from dragons, demons, witches and vampires, to shifters, mages, and magically evolved humans—even gods from Norse and Greek mythology. 

If you love romance and adventure with a supernatural twist, don’t miss this otherworldly collection from ELEVEN bestselling and debut young adult authors—only available for a LIMITED TIME.

By: T.M. Franklin, L.C. Ireland, Kelly Hashway, JT Camp, C.A. Gray, Sheri Downing, Alex H. Singh, S. E. Walker, Catherine Banks, Shereen Vedam, and Sharon Coady

A look at what’s inside…

More by T.M. Franklin
Haunted by terrifying nightmares and certain she’s being watched, college student Ava Michaels finds an unlikely ally in physics tutor Caleb Foster. But Caleb isn’t quite what he seems. In fact, he's not entirely human, and he's not the only one.
Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bent on Ava’s capture, and possible extinction. As Ava fights to survive, she learns the world’s not what she thought.
It's a little bit more.

Horrid by L.C. Ireland
Delta’s family has been cursed. To save them, she makes a deal with the Horrid Witch. If she wishes to break the curse, she must kill an innocent woman. Delta will have to choose between saving her life ... and saving her soul.

Fading into the Shadows by Kelly Hashway
Ella Andrews and her best friend, Avery, travel to the world of Stellaris, where they wind up in a battle against the mythological creatures Draco, Serpens, and Scorpius. They’ll have to stop the rogue constellations before Stellaris drains the life out of them and turns them into shadows forever.

Art of Deception by JT Camp
Fallon has one more chance to prove she belongs in Hallowridge. Warren, Grainger, and Abraham are there to make sure she doesn’t. However, when plans go sideways, can Fallon step up to the plate, or will she continue to run?

The Liberty Box by C.A. Gray
The United States is now The Republic of the Americas, and the people are controlled by brainwave technology forcing them to believe that they are prosperous when in reality they are starving. A few rebels know the truth. But can they help to set the others free without losing their own lives in the process?

The Protected Prophecy by Sheri Downing
“We lived the illusion that we were safe. Maybe we beat this thing and could survive, rebuild.”
There was a bigger message behind the scourge that affected any living thing. I’m part of an ancient prophecy that involves the oldest battle to ever exist. Good versus evil.

Lamp of Light by Alex H. Singh
A Queen on the run for her life….
A Stepdaughter with no mercy….
The Murder of the King of Tibethia…
Only the light will prove her innocence...

Warm Spirits by S. E. Walker
Following a lead in a family heirloom, Ariel arrives at 101 Borden Street looking for answers. When her ex-boyfriend shows up, she must rely on friends from both sides of the veil to overcome her past and discover the truth of her family history.

Alys of Asgard by Catherine Banks
Alys knows her presence is throwing the balance in Asgard off-kilter. She moves to Earth, but the transition is not smooth. Soon she realizes her adopted father lied to her, and with all she thought she knew stripped away, it's time to uncover the truth about who she really is.

Hushed by Shereen Vedam
For two long decades, TAMARA was caught up in a time spell. Awake, aware, not aging, but thoroughly silenced. Once released, she rejects any form of confinement, determined to maintain her freedom at all costs. Now a devious enemy is quietly working to ensure Tamara remains silenced forever.

Summer of Change, Elizabeth’s Story by Sharon Coady
Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth believes in magic. A book about vampires intrigues her into researching the stories. When a stranger contacts her about her haunting dreams she’s thrown into a world where vampires and magic exist along with an all out war against humans.

Get it for a LIMITED TIME: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo.

Excerpt from Fading Into the Shadows by Kelly Hashway

I ran to my room, expecting to see Avery sitting on my windowsill the way he always did, but the room was empty. I turned wildly in all directions, wondering if I’d imagined it. Then I saw it by the doorway. A shadow. Not a person casting a shadow. 

It stood facing me, not moving. At least I thought it was facing me. It didn’t actually have a face. No eyes, nose, or mouth. I’d always thought it was creepy to feel someone’s eyes on me, but this was ten times worse. What I’d originally thought was the shadow of Avery’s shaggy hair now looked more like some sort of hat. If shadows wore hats. For a moment, I questioned if I was still dreaming. How could a shadow exist without someone to cast it? 

As scared as I was to turn away, I took a quick glance out the window behind me. The full moon made it unusually bright. I held my arm out at my side and slowly turned back toward the shadow, hoping to see that it was my own. That I was only imagining a male figure because I was hoping it was Avery. But the shadow’s arm wasn’t raised like mine. 

I froze, unable to look away. The hair on my arms stood on end. I didn’t know if I should try to talk to the figure or if I should run. But running didn’t seem like a good option since the thing was blocking my door. I grabbed the alarm clock off my nightstand, yanking the cord from the outlet. Not the greatest weapon, but it was the only thing within reach. I considered throwing it at the shadow, but the neon green clock had been a present from Avery. It was the last gift he’d given me, and with him missing, I wasn’t about to part with it. I raised it above my head, hoping the threat of throwing it would be enough to scare away the shadowy figure. 

It wasn’t. The shadow stood its ground. Not moving. Taunting me. Making me wonder what it was going to do to me. 

“What are you?” My voice was so shaky and high-pitched I barely recognized it. 

The shadow didn’t answer. But then I didn’t really expect it to, seeing as it didn’t have a mouth. 

Several things flashed through my mind. Avery. The missing kids. The figure in my room. I almost wished Officer Bobson was still parked outside so I could yell to him for help. I didn’t want to call my parents because I didn’t want the shadow to attack them. I wouldn’t have lost any sleep if Officer Bobson got hurt trying to protect me, but I never would’ve forgiven myself if anything happened to my parents. 

Then my mind went to the worst place. What if this was the thing that took Avery and the other kids? What if I was its next victim?

Excerpt from Horrid by L.C Ireland
Tick, tick, tick...
The awful ticking seemed louder now. Or maybe it was just the clock on the wall doing its job. I stood in front of the clock and glared at it, hands on my hips.
“Stop ticking,” I commanded.
Of course, it kept ticking away, oblivious to my distress. Maybe I could take it down and smother it under a blanket. But it was too high for me to reach. Why was everything in this blasted manor so high off the ground? I knew I was short, but come on! I stalked across the room, grabbing a chair. At this rate, I would need to carry a stool with me at all times to reach anything!
Tick, tick, tick...
“Stop!” I howled. “I hate you, clock! I hate ticking, and I hate time, and I hate your stupid little numbers! Just leave me alone!”
Tick, tick, tick...
I was about to set the chair down to climb on top of it, but I was too upset to be reasonable. I swung the chair at the wall with all my strength.
There was a mighty crash as the chair collided with the fancy clock. Pieces of clockwork and glass rained down on me. The clock fell from the wall, shattering again as it hit the floor. For a moment, all was silent as I stared at the decimated clock. Its many pieces reflected the moonlight streaming in the window, practically glowing. Then…
Tick, tick, tick...
The ticking in my head resumed as if nothing had happened. A clock was only a clock, after all. Nothing could really stop the flow of time as it rushed forward, carrying me ever closer to my awful deadline.
“Please stop,” I whispered.
No one heard me. 

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