Saturday, October 13, 2018

My Fake Valentine (Holiday High #1)

Mia's star desperately needs polishing. Can a fake relationship make her shine?

Mia Black “aka” Black Sheep, is the slightly geeky, kind of smart, but otherwise lusterless middle daughter of a family full of shining stars. Literally, like, movie stars.

Austin is the super cute, uber-popular, basketball phenom whose athletic career just took a nosedive when his failing grades landed him in academic probation. Basically Mia’s polar opposite.

When Austin impulsively kisses Mia in the hallway in front of everyone, pretending he’s moved on from the girl who just dumped him, he begs Mia to play along and promises he’ll make it worth her while. Mia knows her reputation could use some help, and Austin is the perfect guy to elevate her from not to hot. All she has to do is help him get his grades up, and Austin will pretend to be madly in love with her. Sounds like a win-win for both of them, right?

Fake it till you make it, the saying goes, and Mia and Austin soon realize that opposites do attract. But can their relationship, and their reputations, survive when the whole school finds out they were only faking?

If you like fun and flirty teen contemporary romance books by authors such as Kelly Oram, Jessica Park, Amy Sparling, or Nicola Yoon, you'll love My Fake Valentine!

Author: Kellie McAllen (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
Publisher: Lounge Chair Literature
Buy online: Amazon
Kindle Edition of the book purchased on Amazon
(Actual) Rating: 3 of 5 stars

My Fake Valentine is a fast-paced book in which the setting is briefly about Mia and Austin having to pretend in a relationship until Austin fixed his grades up to the standards in order for him to be qualified in basketball varsity. Plus, Mia can boost her confidence with Austin being popular in school and finally be in the spotlight. Win-win situation!

Honestly, I did not find any fault in the plot except how cheesy and cute Austin can be. Really, I understand why Mia would be melting and wishing Austin would stop then thought otherwise. I like how Mia has managed to embrace her family who are superstars in different areas. Being grateful is one thing and being confident that she has a family well-known in Hollywood and respected in that order.

As for my own view on Austin, he can get really possessive and desperate. Describing him that way does not mean I view him negatively. It is just that his personality reflects to me in that manner because for one, if he wants something he must have it. Not in an instant way but really grab the opportunity not to miss any of it. Aside from his failing classes, I am sure he has that drive in him to do something great. Mia would have agreed with me on this too!

Overall, My Fake Valentine is a light, fluffy, chick-flick and definitely an easy read for the weekend. The drama isn't so over-the-top and I like it just the way it is!

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