Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen

All the while I thought the book was all about after-death world or something after I read the plot about this book. I was into it reading – picturing Chloe has a super many lives to live when it’s really not about THAT at all lol. It’s not at all what I pictured. EVER. Again, I didn’t SEE it coming until I got the…well, i won’t spoil that part for you because it really got me. GOOD.

Really cool stuff!! I really enjoyed reading this book! You have to grab a copy and read it. LIKE NOW!
Author Liz Braswell originally wrote THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING as a trilogy.

She did her homework and got good grades, but she wasn’t afraid to ditch class sometimes to hang out with her best friends. She slept at home, but otherwise avoided all human contact with her mom. The usual stuff. Then she fell from San Francisco’s highest tower, and her life changed. For starters, she died. And then, she woke up.
Now Chloe’s life is anything but normal: Suddenly guys are prowling around her, she’s growing claws, and someone’s trying to kill her.

Luckily for Chloe, she still has eight lives to go.

Mah tweets are gonna show ya how I get it all under control. My fangirling with this book! lol Here goes. From the beginning till I got the whole book done. Only started the book yesterday and I finished it today..really cool read!
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  • The Nine Lives of Chloe King is an interesting read! Started reading it today :) )
  • I’ve done reading The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Alyec or Brian? I feel like siding Brian still lol ohmgosh—kitty cat hat. I can imagine it.
  • Just read the plot for The Stolen—2nd book of The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. Who are those two different guys? Two new cat bfs? OMG LOLOL
Yep. That’s it. Few tweets this time though. A few of my tweeps talked to me about the book and the TV drama show as well. I checked it out (the drama). One of my tweeps told me about Chalek aka Chloe + Alyec/Alek. Gosh, I was so stupid asking her if that was a new character introduced in the book LOL. “No.” LOLOLOL. Ok, Chalek – Fans are real fast putting the characters name together as one haha.
I like Brian in the book. He’s charming, sweet.

Anyways.. Lemme start with Chloe and then Brian/Alyec.

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe… Hmmm. Very very interesting character in the book, I’ll say. (I can’t think properly…All i care talkin about is BRIAN lol) *skips Chloe* BRIAN. Brian, I love him instantly when he’s all simple, talk-about business or something, his kitty cat hat lololol. I always think of him as really adorable young man with that knit kitty cat hat. I would prefer his hat to have the totoro theme on it. LIKE THESE (totally will remind me of Brian, the guy who goes shopping at Pateena’s LOL):

OMG OMG OMG. I totally find him really CUTE in those Totoro knit hats (pardon me while I go fangirling over a fictional character HAHAHAHAH). *gone mad/crazy* Alyec surprised me. Chloe…love love her too. Brian and Chloe is the best match for me. But…well, Alyec will be so dang good too. But I really like Brian lol.

Anyway, check out the trilogy and the drama. I found this one promo of TNLOCK ep1 on Youtube! Go watch it on there!

The girl who plays as Chloe is so pretty and the guy who plays Alyec is handsome enough. Brian…well, they should have hired someone even better. More handsome. LOL.

Looking forward reading The Stolen—2nd book of TNLOCK. Eeep! Let me tell you, Chloe is a kick-ass gal. Period. She’s awesomeage!

Happy reading peeps!
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