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I probably gave out spoilers in this one with my tweets posted. Sorry. The book is totally awesome!! The ending was sooo good left me thinking like…what’s going to happen for them now?? I really have to wait till I get Everwild! Neal Shusterman is an amazing writer!!

Nick and Allie don’t survive the crash, and now their souls are stuck halfway between life and death in a sort of limbo called Everlost. It’s a magical yet dangerous place, where bands of lost souls run wild and anyone who stands in the same spot too long sinks to the center of the Earth. Frightened and determined, Nick and Allie aren’t ready to rest in peace just yet. They want their lives back, and their search for a way home will take them deep into the uncharted areas of Everlost. But the longer they stay, the more they forget about their pasts. And if all memory of home is lost, they may never escape this strange, terrible world.

  • I would never ever go to Everlost even if it’s like Neverland or something. Never. That witch Mary with her little Queendom—ew no way
  • I’m currently reading Everlost. I like it so far!!! I don’t like “Everlost” Mary’s world. Lol
  • I really like Allie. she’s very observant. She doesn’t buy just anything. She asked lots of questions about Everlost.
  • With every word Allie throws at Miss Mary… it’s like slapping Mary with her glow-in-the-dark hand lol. I don’t like Mary.
  • Nick is being childish haha Lief…he’s cool to me lol
  • “Everlost” sounds like The Lotus Hotel and Casino in the book Percy Jackson hahah! Cool cool!
  • Woah! 1 point goes to Allie!! She slapped Mary across the face! Wooo! Hahah! tsk tsk
  • How could Mary be so heartless not to save Nick and Lief even if it means losing the war between the Haunter?
  • Allie, gotta say nice move lol though Mary didn’t feel the pain. I wish she had felt it bahaha. Me so bad. XD
  • Bad century old hag Mary, y u so heartless not to save sweet Nick who helped you feel emotional… Go save Nick!
  • Everlost is already filling my head with hatred towards Mary Hightower hahah. But so far so good. It’s a good read!
  • Percy Jackson adventure, it reminds me of idk…why maybe i really want to read Son of Neptune very very soon!
More tweets:
  • Finally Nick sees what Miss Mary does in her Queendom “job”. Way to go Nick! Now, get out of there from her, go to where you’re going!
  • Omg l’m reading the last chapter?? This gotta be good!!
  • This book really really do reminds me of The Percy Jackson series! The adventure, the fortune cookies w/ riddles in it —no oracle though lol
  • & now the coin. Not for calling your demigod friends or what but to get u to where ur going! Totally Percy Jackson-like series!
  • This Everlost! The adventure in it is cool too!! :) )
  • Omg Miss Mary is calling Nick The Chocolate Orge? She’s totally a wicked witch telling lies to lost children! I like McGill better than her!
  • But couldn’t help myself to giggle at the name she called Nick. It’s because of the smudge of chocolate on his face that’s so funny heheheh
  • Oh this book has got humor in it too like The Percy Jackson series! Totally enjoyed it! :D
  • Done with Everlost! I wanna read Everwild, the 2nd book in the trilogy! The plot didn’t say anything about Lief, well his name was Travis.
My reply tweets to the author of the book, Neal Shusterman:
  • @NealShusterman I just finished your book Everlost and I really had enjoyed every page! Great job! Thank you for writing this book! :)
  • @NealShusterman i love the humor in it! Really funny! The ride was like a roller coaster ride & adventurous to me!Allie’s my fave character!
YES! YES! YES! The book reminds me of Percy Jackson series every time I turn a page over the next one :D

I have to tell you what my mother had asked me about – as if I would know the answer to her question, I think she didn’t really questioned me but it was perhaps that she had said her thought aloud. Creeps me out and it also got me thinking then. Her thought was: “Where do you think dead people go now? Heaven?” I said maybe heaven, idk too.

I read Everlost and now I’m back with the same question (or was it just a thought that became a question). It’s fiction I’m reading and none of it is true at all but still it made you think through it.

Allie was a brave girl! She’s my favorite character here. You can’t compare the intelligence she have to Nick. Nick was an idiot in the few chapters of the book! He was pretty annoying to me and he makes decisions without thinking through it. He just listen to Miss Mary right out away, he buys everything the old hag says. As the book goes, I’m getting to like him especially the last few chapters when he finally get the sense who
Miss Mary truly is and what she does to lost children like him.

Miss Mary…GRRR. All I can do is slap her with my words lol! She’s an old hag. Century old hag!! She’s totally lost it and selfish, heartless! I don’t like her!

I wouldn’t wanna waste my time throwing her words of dislike, it isn’t worthy of my time but I’m sure it’s worth the to go read the book NOW and sail the adventure and explore the Everlost (not stay in the forest where Lief had been for hundred of years lol) with the Allie, Nick and Lief (and extras, probably LOL)!

P.S. I can say this a thousand times if I could – YES! Allie, Nick and Lief/Travis reminds me of the trio in The Percy Jackson series who happens to be Percy, Annabeth and Grover! 2 guys and 1 girl! Perfect! Humorous like Percy Jackson series as well! Funny! Heheh! Once again, puurrfect! ;)

There’s a movie of Everlost coming up! Neal Shusterman has not announced any deets about a confirm date but we just have to wait out for now. Here’s an article I found on Neal Shusterman aka story man site; about the Everlost going on big screen:

6/15/2010: Neal has begun work on another draft of the EVERLOST script for Universal
 Everlost has sold to Universal Studios, with Gary Ross’s company “Larger than Life” producing, and Neal writing the script. At this stage, the first draft of the script is done, and Neal is waiting for rewrite notes from the studio. Neal is thrilled to be working with “Larger than Life”, and is looking forward to getting Everlost up on the big screen. Everlost has been reoptioned in march of 2009 for an additional 2 years. While the writers going on strike slowed down the project, Universal is still committed to getting it to the big screen.

Visit story man aka Neal Shusterman’s site! It’s official! LINK: http://storyman.com/

Happy reading!

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