Friday, March 16, 2012


I tweeted about this book while reading it…read my tweets and go crazy along with me if you want!
@QueenieDahilan :
  • Reading Crossed.
  • I like Xander. I feel sorry for him, Cassia didn’t choose him.
  • Omg I know Ky, you have a good heart, and all. You feel sorry for those kids but you can’t get them all on board. Dangerous.
  • “You can’t kill anything that’s always moving and changing.”
  • Nooo! Bah! I know Eli’s right but oh my. Oh my. Surviving is what they need.
  • Woah! That kid’s smart enough to think about the coat that the Society provided and took off their coats before running towards the canyons
  • “I climb into the dark for you. Are you waiting in the stars for me?”
  • Aww Cassia! Don’t give up! :)

Photo by me using Instagram. I love that app now. :)

That's just my spazzing and from those you know you have to Crossed now! Like now, now!

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