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Graffiti Moon

Let me make it in time. Let me meet Shadow. The guy who paints in the dark. Paints birds trapped on brick walls and people lost in ghost forests. Paints guys with grass growing from their hearts and girls with buzzing lawn mowers.
It’s the end of Year 12. Lucy’s looking for Shadow, the graffiti artist everyone talks about.
His work is all over the city, but he is nowhere.
Ed, the last guy she wants to see at the moment, says he knows where to find him. He takes Lucy on an all-night search to places where Shadow’s thoughts about heartbreak and escape echo around the city walls.
But the one thing Lucy can’t see is the one thing that’s right before her eyes.

There’s so many things I learned about art from this book. I thought art is just simply art. The drawing and everything but it’s beyond that. It tells a story. Deep story that no one will know but the artist. This has truly taken me to a place where it’s all about art. I’m not really a fan of art in school. You know, drawing and painting. I get really low scores for art haha. Doesn’t matter though, I always try the best just to pass it. I was good at drawing then. In fact, I took it as a hobby not really a dream to be an artist and all like Lucy and Ed. Besides, I’m not creative to draw something on my own. Creativity is what I lack of.

The art of love. This is what I’ll call this book. It’s really good and witty! I laughed a couple of times at Lucy and Ed’s convo. They are both very artsy, inside out. And while the moment still lasts, the love they didn’t know was there all along.. just came out naturally between them. “Most people don’t know what they want till it’s right in front of their face.” That’s what happened to both her and Shadow. I’m such a spoiler. *more spoiler alert coming your way, BLINKING* It takes a guy and a girl to know each other real well anonymously. You put on a bag over your head. It’s ironic. Idk. HAHAH! I don’t think it even makes any sense..  This is the one…
The Lovers by Rene Magritte
This painting first mentioned by Lucy on page 100 is a reoccurring theme in the book.  There is a weird logic to Lucy’s feeling that “...kissing blindfolded like that is the easiest place to start“.  I particularly love the final callback to this painting.

More from Graffiti Moon Art gallery… HERE <— I’M INSPIRED! <3

Looking at those pieces, Art is weird. It doesn’t make sense at all. It kinda have sense but not making a whole lot of sense. I like it, however. Because it seems like me. I’m weird during convos and doesn’t makes sense at all. Always in my own little world. Art is an introvert like me, I guess. It doesn’t want to speak up that much… you gotta read it and understand. The words are all spell out in front of you through pictures. Emotions. Deep ones. How I wish someone takes me to an art exhibition right now!! How will I know? I want to know what the artist feel when they did the piece.

Anyway, this book is truly magical. I always imagine I’m on cloud nine. Because the setting is magical. The author describes the wall Shadow paints, and I was like – ‘WOW, he’s THAT creative and genius!’. Graffiti Moon. Sound so artistic indeed! Loving the setting of the book—moonlit cityscape! And oh! Yes! The glassblowing!! I can’t believe glassblowing never existed on the list of our post Art programmes in school. If it did, I’ll definitely have had sign up for it! It’s really interesting that I looked it up! It look simple but I know it’s not. But I do really want to learn, those melting glass.

It’s a fast read, roller art coaster ride for me! I just read it in a day and a half or something. It’s just so good that I didn’t have time to put it down. I kept on reading it till the end until I was like ‘WHAT? This is not happening! More pages!!! NOOOO!’. I can’t believe it’s only 200+ pages book. I love author, Cath Crowley!! Thank you for writing this beautiful book! LOVE IT!

There are many quotes I would have like to share but that’ll spoil the whole book for those who have not read it. You see, you only have 1 night to see the graffiti. “Humans are strong, but if you hit them at the right point, they destruct.”

Ok, there’s one time I felt like an artist and I don’t feel stupid because I like it. I enjoyed it. It was this year’s Art programme in school and I was pissed because I didn’t get in to the choices I wanted to do. Everything in the programme is about art, different sorts of art categories but when the result came to me and didn’t got to any of the choices I wanted, I said I guess I’ll go torture myself with hot wax. I wanted ceramics or clay animation or stain glass. That day I was really not in the mood but I did it anyway. I put on my artsy mode because I might actually miss something out if I didn’t enjoy or put effort into the art I’m doing. Besides, it was only for the whole day. Good thing, not for a week or else I’ll probably would have really lose it! I did Batik painting. I tried it out before in primary school that was why I didn’t really like the programme I got in.

I had no real friends in the room. I sat by myself, artsy mode on and get the creative juices flowing! I survived. I liked where I was placed. Advance Batik painting. Painting the piece was hard work but it was worth it. I didn’t know, it turned out pretty cool. It wasn’t the same as Batik painting I did in primary school. I learned a whole new things about Batik, the toning of different colors! It was amazing!

Another thing I did not expect was the praises I got from the teacher-in-charge of the whole Art programme and head instructor in the Advance Batik painting. I thought to myself – ‘This isn’t so bad after all, I guess.’.

So my advice is, go try out new things or maybe..the same thing again even if you already did it – you might have missed out something out of it. ;)

AND YES, I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK 100%!! IT’S JUST AMAZING! I love Shadow. Oh! One more thing! This is about Shadow. There were a few songs that keeps popping out of my head while reading this book – My Shadow by Kelly Tang (SYF 2010 chior set piece). I sang it with the choir I was with for 3/4 years back for SYF choir competition when I was in primary school. It’s a national choir competition! It’s a great song! Another song is Art of Love by Guy Sebastian ft. Jordin Sparks.

I learned many slang words out of this book too. It’s cool! I would like to learn more slangs! It’s funny, how you read it and actually hear it coming out of your mouth! Haha! It’s so back to the 19th century! For the win!!

GO CHECK IT ALL OUT! Happy reading bookwormies! It’s June so get lost in book of wonders like Graffiti Moon, you won’t regret it! BOOM! 5 STARS FOR GRAFFITI MOON! Utterly amazing!!


The painting shown above reminds me of this song from Kris Allen’s new album, Thank You Camellia! Listen to it! It’s a great song!

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