Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Life In Black & White (ARC)

Alexa Mayer has been defined by her beauty her whole life. But in one night, everything changes. Lexi’s face goes through the windshield of the car her best friend’s brother is driving. Now Lexi not only has to recover from her injuries, but also come to terms with what happened—and what she saw—right before the accident. My Life in Black & White will leave you pondering this question long after you read the final page: If you lost the one thing that defined you, who would you be?

I have a copy of this book. Well, an Advance Uncorrected Proofs (AUP) copy to be specific. I thought it was an ARC copy. Oh well. It was pretty good book. I liked it. The cover looks awesome! Love it! I didn’t really like the protagonist’s attitude though. But I did learned something from her.

Oh I won these precious ARC copies from Ms Sales author of, Past Perfect. I would like to thank Ms Sales and Penguin Reads for the copies I got whether its ARC or whatever, I really appreciate these books!

Here’s a photo I took!

My Life in Black & White comes out in June!! Go grab a copy in bookstore!!

In the middle of the book, I got irritated by the protagonist, Alexa. She’s annoying! She whines and I don’t really like her points of view but I guess that’s the whole point of the book – I don’t know.. Probably to let us know how she really is self-centered and conscious of how she adore her looks. She’s obsesses! She makes comments on small things like it’s the biggest problems in the world! But as the book continues…she’s starting to actually open her eyes beyond of what she see in front of her.

I was thinking and looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, good thing I’m not into any of those cosmetics or anything got to do with beauty facial cosmetics stuffs. I don’t care what I looked like. At all. Every day I don’t think I spend hours in my room, just to see if I look pretty enough then go out. I don’t. I’m serious. I worried then not my face but my left ear. It has the white scar so obvious on it. I remember people judge me too about it and my zits. I just laughed at them and eventually they stopped asking about. I don’t why the curiosity any of these stuffs. I don’t understand why they even asked when it’s all normal. Scars, zits. Normal to have them. It’s not like I have anything weird.

OK probably that didn’t even make sense and I’m so out of point too, talking about the book and I got to talk about myself. That’s how I feel about the book though. It’s about: “Don’t let your face define you.” ;)

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