Thursday, April 11, 2013

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Author: Ransom Riggs (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
Publisher: Quirk Books
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Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars

I want to briefly share a summary of what's the book about because it would be good to have a background of what it's all about before proceeding to read it. I personally want and I admit when I picked up the book, I vaguely have an idea of what's really going to be my reaction in the end once I finished reading it.

Abraham (Abe) Portman, grandfather of Jacob Portman was a man involved and fought in the wars in 1940 and now is a grandfather of Jacob. Grandfather Abe tells Jacob fantasies to fighting monsters. Jacob found them to be fantastic when he was still a young boy. Grandfather Abe also shares vintage photographs, all look unusual and shares each of its behind-stories. Now, 15 going on 16 Jacob Portman is capable and knowledgeable enough to know that all what his grandfather said  was all just fictional stories.
However, Jacob's parents never understand and no interest of knowing whether grandfather Abe tells is true or the significance of each stories he ever attempted telling them. In the back of Jacob's mind - still nags and bothers him to know more even though he was almost convinced that it was all merely stories. An unexpected call from his grandfather Abe. Jacob got worried what was happening to his grandfather and went off to look for him. Quickly as it happened, Jacob found his grandfather almost lifeless on the ground when he arrived at his place and frantically scanned beyond the forest to look for who is responsible and beating the life out of his grandfather. He caught sight of something or someone that he found it so disgustedly inhuman, out of place creature. Grotesque to look at. For a moment, he can't move a muscle.


However the introduction was really good to capture us and lure us - it started started slow and mysterious, like you thought the author left you in the dark. You keep reading it and one thing you know is that you're never alone. In addition, curiosity is brimming full. Unexpectedly, unpredictable story that you just HAVE to read on!

As the story will slowly unfold to such a unique fantasy and original, bizarre, unusual and all together that has come to create an absolutely creative twists and turns - prepare to be amazed! The author has come up with a fascinating plot and that has me in an imaginative world only existed in his story planting it there in my mind that has not quite not believe that such a story could be presented.

I'm very pleased with the use of very relevant vintage photographs coming off as, well... personally, has got me jumped right out of my skin and left goosebumps though all along I know this isn't horror fiction but extremely mysteriously creepy kind of fiction.

The twists is just incredible! It's brilliant twists are my favorite! I always on the look out for it and this one did NOT disappoint me, it was a twist one I would not forget so easily! I also love the idea of "getting" to visit Wales. The author created a magical world merely by imaginative children home for refugees IN WALES.

I like Jacob throughout the whole book. He was considerate and patient. Empathy because he wants  to understand people's feelings around him. He doesn't give in easily to the fact that his grandfather died because of merely aged or sickness or any possibility that has ended his grandfather's life.

Jacob is determined to find out more about his grandfather even if he has to do it all by himself, alone. He's brave during those bad times. Bold and courageous young man who stepped up for Miss Peregrine's children home. Always on the brighter side of things that there is a way out of these difficulties the children home faces and that shows he is resilient.

Jacob is such an important character part of the book and I like that book is told in his perspectives. I don't like it, I LOVE the whole idea put to it! Jacob is also somewhat a sensitive guy, in my opinion. He really loves his grandfather so much he can't help but weep and weep.

"When your parents died, did you know it? Could you feel them go?"

I'll leave and end off this review. I did really enjoy the book and I don't complain for loving it when it scared the heck out of me, every turn of the page. It's a story, one to find you and you find them. Nothing like I have read before! It's very original and new to me! Looking forward to the sequel which comes out next year!

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