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When Philip Walker appears as a new student in Michele Windsor's high school class, she is floored. He is the love she thought she lost forever when they said goodbye during her time travels last century. Overjoyed that they can resume the relationship they had a lifetime ago, Michele eagerly approaches him and discovers the unthinkable: he doesn't remember her. In fact, he doesn't seem to remember anything about the Philip Walker of 1910.

Michele then finds her father's journals, which tell stories of his time-traveling past. As she digs deeper, she learns about his entanglement with a mysterious and powerful organization called the Time Society and his dealings with a vengeful Windsor ancestor. Michele soon finds herself at the center of a rift over 120 years in the making, one whose resolution will have life-or-death consequences.

Author: Alexandra Monir (Website, Twitter)
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Buy online: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound
Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Before I even start my review, I have the habit of always writing Timeless as the title and tags or on search engine on Goodreads when the sequel is Timekeeper. Timeless is the first novel in the series. It got in to my habit of typing Timeless every time! Haha!

Wonderfully written! Fascinating! Full of wonder! It's got a good pace. Not too draggy or anything. I particularly liked a few paragraphs from The Handbook of Time Society that was included. It gives readers a better understanding of how one can travel. There are laws when you certain things when you're in another Time. That's an advantage and it's really neat because the handbook is something of a personal recount or I would say guidelines to beginners in the Time Society.

The romance is timeless between Michele and Philip that I wish I could've have my own, haha! So much has to go through before a quite of a happy ending happened to both of them. Struggling to make of every day one that has benefited them both even though, task is getting out of hand. Moreover, they both living in a wide gap of centuries. Knowing it's impossible, they did not give up trying. The determination for the future of being together. I like it very much. Love bears all things indeed.

There's also father of Michele. I was very touched and I read it with such intensity that each heartfelt sentence between Michele and her father she long waited to meet, I can feel her. Understand the meaning to not have a father by your side all your life when growing up. It has come to a point - Michele and her father have the daughter-father relationship, I can't even quite explain. Whether her father left her or not, it's in the past and Michele has come to accept and simply embrace each moment they have.

Science theories that struck to me as fascinating! Full of wonders, from reincarnation to every Science that I have come to always catch my attention. I love this book for that, particularly. Hopefully, a third installment comes soon in the series and I'm prepared for more Timeless travels. Very much excited for everything among the characters apparently more events to come in the series. It's a very nice plot and well-paced that I would be keeping to want until the very end of it!

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