Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen

On the dock of a lake in a tiny town at the corner of Nowhere & Nowhere, he sits counting the seconds until his high school graduation—at which point Arthur M. Flood intends to leave his hick life far behind in the brown Kansas dust. That's the plan. Until . . . up from the lake's muddy depths swims a girl. She's not a mermaid, but she is the one who shakes up Arty's life, makes him mad and mad for her, and helps him find a pathway to his past, his future, and where his heart truly lies.

Teens will recognize their own emotional landscape in this steamy, funny, coming-of-age tale in which the heart tries to hide, only to be utterly exposed by love and lust, lost and found.

Author: Richard Uhlig (Website, Twitter)
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Buy online: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound
Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here's how I'll start this review:

It's perfectly fine whether you go to a library without books in mind that you'll sure to borrow—all it takes is to just pick up a random book from the shelf and start reading. I randomly picked this book up from the library shelf.

"Of all the things this burg lacks, dateable girls would have to be at the top of my list."

That's what I did with this beautiful, well-paced book. It wasn't in my to-read list at all. Sure now it is in mine! And should you read it and add it to yours as well! I was kind of upset that the book wasn't even touched or at least flipped through. I found it just sitting on the shelf, silence library - no one bothers to check out... what possibly the magic it holds.

Perhaps no one ever noticed the book on shelf either. I'm merely disappointed as well, that the book is not recognized bestselling or something. Or any book award. It deserves a great recognition! Hence, more people will read it.

"Say what you will, but we yokels know how to entertain ourselves"

So amazing! The synopsis and it's cover definitely did a great job—appealing to me that it has gotten my approval to read it! A must read! And yes, absolutely remarkable, life-changing story...reading all of them from Arthur Flood. A teenager guy's perspective, one of the most that I found unbelievably realistic, true to the title and every thing!

"If you don't play football in Harker City, you don't exist (I don't exist)." 

"I am lonely beyond words."

I couldn't be more pleased and agree how true and realistic the characters are. They have that setting in the story that I very much adore. I especially love the setting which is in the late 80's and the music goes along very well that I teared up. A town, small town - people living in with full of hidden history you have to figure out. The characters are also not perfect. No one was perfect in all them that made them very realistic. The flaws that reflects back to me, that I can feel that I am like them. There's a connection from them to me that I could connect back. If that even make sense. I couldn't believe it though that the ending was going to be the way it is. It is neat.

Unbelievably good, well-written, and most of all - funny!! My heart is so full, I want to hug this engaging book, the main characters! Amazing! Definitely a must read for a wonderful time this summer. Though I admit I don't experience seasons here in Singapore. Anyhow, then, it feels so great to have read it nonetheless! I highly recommend it!

"So I guess she flies all over the world and meets all kinds of men. But you know what they say—there's no one like your first true love." -Allen

It's got the love story going on - more on difficult decisions and situations faced by a guy protagonist. Teens stuffs, coming-of-age book. Arthur's thoughts are truly engaging, humorous - pretty much this guy on the book has a messed-up life that makes him even more real that I can't help but love him and everything! Is it just me...I notice that Arthur is someway or another an introvert. The book reminds me of Charlie in Perks of Being A Wallflower - I just did. To be honest, though, this book is unique on its own alone. I couldn't put it to words how beautiful it is - no cliches. Unpredictable.

I keep asking whether there was something wrong with the number of pages because it's stated on Goodreads that it has 368 and the physical book - good condition, no tear in between or any damage - it ended on page 358. So I'm hoping there's nothing wrong with the physical copy or I'll bawl right here and now if it happens that there are more pages than it truly is. In case, any of you are wondering too, I gotta have to say that Goodreads needs to edit that number of pages from 368 to 358, because it's the truth.

I want to say again, and again the book ended well and neatly. There are also many quotes to go that I wanted to include on this review that I can't - too many favorites with so much meaning to the quotes. The guy's perspective is always amusing to me especially in books, haha! This is one of those books! Me -- Satisfied reader here! I enjoyed this book very much! Unforgettable, a thought-provoking book ever, plus easy-to-read! Define perfection - this is!

I'll end this with some more quotes from the book that I like:

"People keep telling me that the high school years are the best of your life. I'm betting my whole future on them being dead wrong."

"Y'know, painful as it can be, sometimes it's a good thing to revisit the past. It can help you move on."

"But what would it be like, just for those few seconds of falling, knowing you're going to die? I bet there's a moment of epiphany. Like when people see their lives flash before their eyes."

Vanessa: "But why fear death? At worst, it's just nothingness...."
Arty: "If it is nothingness, shouldn't we make the most of our time while we're alive in all the somethingness?"

Vanessa: "I'm leaving here soon. There's no point in starting something." 
Arty: "A little something is a whole lot better than nothing." 

"She has just ripped open my chest, reached inside, and strangled my heart." 
"I should have jumped off that tower."

"If she says she still wants to be friends, I'm going to snatch her fancy camera and toss it out the window."

"Randomness, like our meeting, is what makes life interesting, don't you think?" 

"Does everyone do this—convince themselves that their life has meaning? Do I?"

"Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you?"

"Did I set my own trap? Do I find it easier to feel sorry for myself, to do nothing, than to change my life?"

"Are you going to let someone else define you?"

"I like her, you know. She's honest and smart." "And crazy." "Hate to break it to ya, son, but we're all crazy." - Vernadell

Someone just proves it to me that crazy can mean I'm normal but how crazy is crazy (?) haha! I feel like I quoted the whole book! Look...the book is a-must read! I repeat - a MUST read!! There are actually more and many, countless quotes I want to share but it looks like I'm spoiling it for you readers. I can stop here. You will not...never regret reading it--promise!

Happy reading to y'all and let's go get some sundaes over at Frosty Queen - wherever it exist!

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