Monday, September 09, 2013

The Guild Series #1: Deep Into the Soul by J.L. Vallance

At age sixteen, Vivienne Drake’s life completely changed in one devastating moment with the murder of her mother. Now at age thirty, she continues to struggle with the aftermath of that day and the nightmares that began to haunt her following it- nightmares where she is forced to watch the torture and murder of a new victim, all while she endures their pain and terror; prisoner to her own subconscious.

Her life becomes more complicated after meeting the mysterious Calum McCort and learning of a world she’d never imagined existed; a world of Daemonium, Guardians, Lucifer, and The Guild. Not to mention Aedan, Lord of the Daemonium who’s on a mission to abduct her.

Now she’s running from demons she never knew she had, hiding from demons she never knew existed, and searching for the answers to her mother’s past to find the key to her future.

Author: J.L. Vallance (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
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**The ebook was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review**
(Actual) Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

First of all, I want to thank the author for providing me the ebook copy of her work. It's overwhelming. I truly appreciate the gifted ebook. Thank you very much once again, Ms J.L. Vallance!

Now moving on to the review. It is indeed the first time I've read Fiction Paranormal. It's absolutely a great chance and I am very fortunate to able to read a book from this genre. I truly enjoyed reading Deep Into the Soul. Though I have to include what I like and do not like.

Vivienne Drake has her deepest secrets and mysteries going on in her life. Particularly, the dreams that haunts her once in a while since she was sixteen years old. I was looking for one thing about Vivienne. I want to find confidence in her and, her to put more trust in what she does in her life. She is strong, but sometimes she is reluctant to show it. She limits her capabilities, you know.

I hope when I get the chance to read the next installment, I would want to definitely get a glimpse of Vivienne's character development and that she would be able to finally come out of her shell. I know about her past, one she could not easily let go. I understand that. However, she needs to move, look forward—in order for things to go accordingly to the way she wants things to go— face the upcoming challenges that she will eventually come across. I like her how sensitive she gets. She spare her thoughts to think of other people and not always focusing all on herself.

I'll not spoil about the crush-worthy guy. The guy that has got Vivienne's heart pounding and alive. Her life becomes meaningful. More or less, making sense and now vibrant when she welcomes him in her ordinary life. Surrounding warmth around her when he is around. *coughs Calum coughs* That's all about him. He is extremely sizzling h-o with t and another deserving extra t. Not enough information? Didn't I tell you he can kick Daemonium ass without having to sweat so much? Yeah. Tell ya. Badass. *fans self*

A couple of new characters are introduced. It's all well and neatly been put in the plot. I would also have to say I love the mysterious Daemonium Linux. I can sense something is truly intriguing about the character and I'm about to find out. YES. I HAVE to or I will literally die and you know what I mean. I honestly don't care about the fact that he is in the Team Bad. No one should get in my way. Just saying. No hard feelings. *winks*

The plot. The middle part where the chapters got me a little confused. I had a difficult time looking for the main point in some chapters. I believe it is because of the unorganized sequence order. Nevertheless, the first few chapters were smooth, intelligible. I have to say that I found Vivienne's life on those first few chapters rather dull and there repeated a couple of scenarios which was mind-numbing, in my opinion. Repeating scenarios here and there was not necessary.

Despite the errors that were made here and there, I would certainly love to continue reading the series! It definitely pass my rating scale as it shows potential characters. I hope the book will catch more readers to read and review Deep Into the Soul! I couldn't wait to come back and running to the world of the Guild!

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