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Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey

Published on September 18th 2013 by Merit Press
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When Elle's father, a single parent and a big shot in corporate insurance, moves her to yet another boarding school for senior year, Elle is disgusted when nothing changes. Her night terrors don't go away, and, soon, despite her father's caring calls and visits, Elle starts to believe she's losing her mind. She knows she's being followed; a ribbon is tied around her doorknob, and there are those cigarette butts that keep turning up on the doormat, in violation of a strict smoking ban on campus.
Then there's Bryan, an intriguing boy Elle meets at a flea market and later finds out is a student at her school. Yet on campus, he pretends he doesn't recognize her - until the day he divulges just how much danger she's in. In her search for an answer to all the madness, Elle unravels the truth about her dad's real identity, why someone has lied to her all her life, and the terrifying truth that she may be the only one who can save her from the one who's following her now.

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Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey

**Copy received from the Tour**

Took me a while to read Deceived and it's all good. Perhaps, I'm such a baby for almost flanking out when I found out killers in the book. Nevertheless, I love to get thrilled and in suspense. Mysteriously, the lurking of a murderer in town arouse my curiosity to deeper get myself into the story. The title speaks true of what the context would be all about and glad that it's connected.

The characters, I would say could have been better improve and fully well-developed. There were those moments where the characters are intriguing but not enough to be significant in the plot. There were also event that I thought I did not fully understood. A part in the book that should've made me feeling like frightened or disturbed and all goosebumps on my arms, I didn't feel it. Rather I felt confused and pretty hazy on certain scenes - probably hadn't been firmed on what it really wanted to send out to its readers. Some events occurred when I didn't read about it before. As if this book and I, both aren't on the same page.

It started off good-humored and pretty vibrant, leading us slowly to unthinkable mystery. Finally, the gripping conclusion you don't want to miss. To be honest, it failed to meet my expectations as I also couldn't connect that much with this book.

I would have really loved this book but I couldn't. I really wish it could have been revised thoroughly with concise writing that lead to simple, pleasant read. That possibly could've engaged readers better.

(Actual) Rating: 2 of 5 stars

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