Friday, October 11, 2013

The Guild Series #3: Destruction of the Soul by J.L. Vallance

“There is more at stake in Aedan’s war than any of you realize.”
Vivienne Drake is lost.

She’d let every one of her walls down, finally allowing others into her guarded circle, and all it brought her was pain and devastation. Now, out of fear and desperation, she’s turning to the one being she believes will be truthful with her; the only being that’s dared to give her anything resembling an honest answer--Linux, The Cruciatum.

The Daemonium is dangerous and mysterious, and offering Vivienne things that she’s been begging for. He offers her a chance at discovering what lies just beyond her reach. Though his motives remain far from clear, there is something within him that Vivienne is drawn to. And she wants nothing more than to believe in him, to believe in the things he tells her.

Together, they uncover details of Aedan’s plans, and discover what he intends to use his daughter for. Vivienne learns that she carries within her a destructive darkness, that if she allows, will consume her, and destroy the goodness she contains.

Fighting an endless battle against lies and deception, Vivienne must find the strength within herself to remain on a virtuous path. She’ll be forced to overcome pain and obstacles in order to discover the truth of just how deep the deceit runs within The Guild.

Can she remain above the darkness for the sake of Humanity and herself, or will she allow it to devour her light and destroy her soul?

Author: J.L. Vallance (Website, Facebook, Twitter)
Buy online: Amazon

**The ebook was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review**
(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Destruction of the Soul is the book in the Guild series you shouldn't miss! Well-paced, thrilling, action-packed spiced up with a steamy romance! It's definitely my favorite book in the Guild series so far!

Vivienne made a choice to seek help from Daemonium Linux who could give her all the answers she needs, although uncertain of what dangers she could be in. Linux continues to train Vivienne as he believes it is one of the way he could help her. As time goes, Vivienne has learned who she is and what could be lurking inside of her. That's probably what scares me the most. I'm scared for her. Their journey and adventures together has made them inseparable, also taking care of each other and share common interest they didn't know they had. Vivienne had soft spot for Linux. Linux slowly gained trust from Vivienne which he thinks isn't necessary and worthy of.

Linux can be straightforward and honest about things he knows. For me, his character is really mind-boggling as well as his protectiveness he shows towards Vivienne melts my heart. I can say the same, when Vivienne cares a lot about him and she understands him better than anyone. She sees beyond his status in the Guild world. He has been trustworthy all the time while he was with her. She is truly powerful, I can see it now, as she has made a huge step and drastic changes that is starting to break through barriers between two different worlds.

I would like to share this quote I had recently came across: "Only those who attempt the absurd can accomplish the impossible." That's exactly what Vivienne did. Turn impossible things possible!!

Apparently, there are far greater more Vivienne could do, with the power/gift she has but she chose a path to trust a Daemonium when no one dared to. She is bold enough to stand out and be different from everyone. She risk her own, let her guard down and believe in Linux so much. I love that about her.

There are unexpected and plot twists coming from everywhere and all of it made me flailing, gasping for air as I took them all in. The ending, especially. I couldn't handle it because it was agonizingly unpredictable! It ripped my heart apart and I was left to cry in bed. It can all possibly go wrong and...I can't even imagine how the next installment will be like. Help!! Does anyone understand how I feel?

I'm telling you this is the one! The book that has got me introduced to the fascinating world of the Guild that win me over to join in the blog tour on August. You can find the promo post I did for Destruction blog tour, HERE. Thank you so much, J.L. Vallance! I can't thank you enough for providing ecopy for me to review! I love, love, love it! I love the cover and it really is stunning! The blurb for Destruction of the Soul was the cause of alluring me in the first place and wait till you read it!! It's stunning and addictive!!

Sorry if I'm creating such a huge Team Linux fangirl scream here!!! Can I give Linux a big bear hug? I hope he isn't annoyed by the gesture I'm giving him. *squishes*

Whether you have read the first book, started reading the Guild series already or not all, this book is a must read!

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