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Blog Tour: Dead Dreams by Emma Right (Excerpt + Giveaway!)

Welcome to my stop on the Dead Dreams blog tour hosted by Candace's Book Blog & CBB Book Promotions.

I'm really grateful to be a part of the tour! I'll be sharing an excerpt from the book and please don't hesitate to enter the giveaway that's below the post! You can participate and win awesome prizes! Enjoy watching video music and book trailer! Plus, dream cast video!

Eighteen-year-old Brie O’Mara has so much going for her: a loving family in the sidelines, an heiress for a roommate, and dreams that might just come true. Big dreams--of going to acting school, finishing college and making a name for herself.

She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew. What more could she hope for? Except her dreams are about to lead her down the road to nightmares. Nightmares that could turn into a deadly reality.

Dead Dreams, Book 1, a young adult psychological thriller and
contemporary mystery.

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[Excerpt 3]

Chapter Five

So, Sarah stayed a loner, refusing my attempts to include her when I asked her out for ice cream with my co-workers one rare afternoon. Only once did she accept my invitation for her to work out as my guest at Stay Fit. She came to exercise but forgot her gear and had to borrow my yellow sweats.

One of my co-workers, Susan Summers, saw her back, mistook her for me, and complained to Thao that I’d gone Zumba-ing during my official hours. Even Peter came to Susan’s defense saying we looked alike, so it was an understandable error.

But after that, Sarah never wanted to step inside Stay Fit.

At least we got to spend some girl time there when I had a fifteen-minute break. She probed about my lost love, Drew, a topic I’d rather not dwell on. On our way home in my second-hand Cooper Mini, a black-top with a faded green bottom half—it was a graduation gift my
parents had insisted upon—Sarah said, “I’m sorry about Mrs. Mott.”

I’d overheard two other neighbors whispering in the lobby about how Mrs. Mott passed away. She’d seemed so healthy when I’d met her a month back. Seventy-five is a ripe age, and the heart attack must have weakened her. But still.

“Me, too. I’m going to miss her.”

“How’d she die?”

“Another heart attack. The cops came again and asked about loiterers.”

“What did you tell them?”

“I didn’t see any. Did you?”

She shrugged. “That’s the thing with the heart. You can never tell its condition till it’s too late.”

That was probably the most profound thing Sarah had ever shared with me.


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About the Author

Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a Long-haired dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one. Right worked as a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for her ads, before she settled down to have children.

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