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Reviews Only Tour: The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy by Michelle Warren + Giveaway!

Welcome to my stop on the Seraphina Parrish trilogy reviews only tour hosted by Girls Heart Books Tours.

I want to give my thanks to the author and Girls Heart Books Tours for the privilege to review the wonderful books! Thank you!

I'm really excited for this tour! I'll be sharing my thoughts on all the books in the Seraphina Parrish trilogy. Although, the review for Wander Dust will not be included in, it'll be up on the blog soon after the tour.

Glad you all could check it out! Please don't hesitate to participate in the giveaway! There are tons of awesome, extravagant prizes for you to win!

Wander Dust (Seraphina Parrish Trilogy # 1) by Michelle Warren
Publication Date: November 30, 2013
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Time Travel/Romance


Ever since her sixteenth birthday, strange things keep happening to Seraphina Parrish. Unexplainable premonitions catapult her to faraway cities. A street gang wants to kill her, and a beautiful, mysterious boy stalks her.

But when Sera moves to Chicago, and her aunt reveals their family connection to a centuries old, secret society, she’s immediately thrust into an unbelievable fantasy world, leading her on a quest to unravel the mysteries that plague her. In the end, their meanings crash into an epic struggle of loyalty and betrayal, and she’ll be forced to choose between the boy who has stolen her heart and the thing she desires most.

Wander Dust is the breathtaking fantasy that will catapult you through a story of time, adventure, and love.

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Protecting Truth (Seraphina Parrish Trilogy # 2) by Michelle Warren
Publication Date: September 19th, 2012
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Time Travel/Romance


Seraphina’s keeping a secret from her Wandering team: she’s perfecting her fighting skills. But telling Sam and Bishop the truth would only alert them to her plan: to go back in time, save her mom, and finish what she started. With the help of Turner, Bishop’s handsome twin, she progresses toward her goal but plummets deeper into dangerous territory where the lines of friendship and romance are blurred. One passionate kiss changes everything, leading Sera to unravel a shocking web of family secrets, heartbreaking ulterior motives, and sinister agendas. Love and lies collide in a haunting climax, where the truest souls may not survive.

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Queekie Girl Reads Reviews...

Protecting Truth 

Protecting Truth has been a good read, in fact I enjoyed it a lot better than Wander Dust. A heart-pounding action and a series of scenes where characters are challenged in power of love, combat skills and most of all - unraveling secrets and past they never shared before, especially to Seraphina. It's all overwhelming for me as a reader. I couldn't have seen it all coming at me.

Seraphina has definitely shown characterization improvement. She has been putting so much effort in making herself useful as she wanted to protect others and her loved ones. She wouldn't want to be rescued every time when there are other people more important that needs a helping hand than herself. She finally put others' safety before hers. She has also become spontaneous. The trainings she's had definitely paid off.

The readers are introduced to new character, Turner. He's Bishop's twin. I have to say it was a good thing that they were twins despite the fact that there are consequences to face on ahead. That part was cruel, actually. I wouldn't want to say any spoilers about it, though. It has also become a benefit to me as a reader because the whole concept has been improved and its conflict affected. Most importantly, I truly enjoyed it. I truly am delighted to have continued on reading even when I didn't agree with Wander Dust.

I find Turner intriguing. His confidence and got a sense of humor too. He wasn't just interesting, he may as well have come out as a selfless and pretty vulnerable character. He has respect for himself as he fully knows where he stands in the situation in between of Bishop and Seraphina. He's given up the opportunity to be Seraphina's protector and his desires to his brother. Truly, he's not self-centered but genuinely has a good heart.

It was still not up to my expectation in some certain part in the book. For one, the conflict was still a little bit of a unclear to me because it could have been solved and properly, carefully planned out by the members of the Wanderers - didn't even have a solid plan before attacking the Underground. They could've at least considered the people's lives at stake. The Academy had charged the Underground last minute.

Although, Wanderers of the Society, Seers and Protectors all become aware of the situation in hand, I feel as though they are hesitant to take action. I'm uncertain of why that is. The Society of the Wanderers has still got many secrets, dark secrets, I believe. It's still not been fully revealed. Yet.

Terease plays a huge part for the things, she has perhaps, known among the Society. She would be the first person Seraphina approach for the right answers to the inevitable questions she has. Hopefully, Seraphina would truly have it eventually.

It's a fast-paced read as well. I finished Protecting Truth in one sitting., surprisingly very engrossed by what it has shown me. The setting is realistic as it gets and also incredibly mind-boggling. I honestly enjoyed it.

(Actual) Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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Seeing Light (Seraphina Parrish Trilogy # 3) by Michelle Warren
Expected Publication Date: October 10th, 2013
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Time Travel/Romance


As the corruption of the Society intensifies and the questions surrounding her mother mount, Seraphina Parrish embarks on a journey to find Terease in the terrifying Wandering city of Nocturna. But the information she learns there only sends her team on a dangerous mission to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Delving deep into the disturbing secrets of their world, the revelations quickly unravel, revealing shocking truths about the Society and Sera’s life. In the end, power and courage clash in a mission for freedom that may shatter the Wandering world completely.

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Queekie Girl Reads Reviews...

Seeing Light 

Off to find Terease locked up in Nocturna, Seraphina is determine to set everyone free out of there and saved the innocent people. However, in order for her to do what she has been prepared for all along, she needs to know the whole truth about her mother and who she truly is.

What's more - the fascinating fact that the root of everything of why the events turned out bad at all for the characters was because of how it has gone awry in the beginning. It wasn't been fixed in an instant the event happened. For me, at first it doesn't truly make sense until I have the whole picture slowly reveals itself.

I sometimes kind of like have that tendency that I just couldn't accept my wrongdoing so I start blaming others. Hence, I've also learned that in order for things to turn out the way we want them to be, we must first fix ourselves. Accepting mistakes. Looking at ourselves first before we judge others because sometimes it may not be the people, it might've been just ourselves all along who got it all wrong.

The characters are fearless for standing up for what they believed in, in which that their future are going to be controlled by them and no one else. I'm also happy that Seraphina and her father's relationship has been better and stronger between them than before. What they had to go through together was a sign of how much improvement in their relationship had been. I'm truly glad they they patched things up, eventually.

A well-written and organized conclusion to the trilogy. I'm really happy as it's as intriguing as I thought it would be when it comes towards the end! The unexpected turn of events are truly astonishing. Definitely unpredictable after many theories that I've come up with, I wouldn't have guess the ending. I enjoyed reading Seeing Light.

(Actual) Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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About the Author

Michelle Warren is the author of the Seraphina Parrish Trilogy. She didn't travel the road to writer immediately. She spent over a decade as professional Illustrator and designer. Her artistic creativity combined with her love of science fiction, paranormal and fantasy led her to write her first YA novel, Wander Dust. Michelle loves reading and traveling to places that inspire her to create. She resides in downtown Chicago, not far from her imaginary Wandering world.

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