Monday, February 10, 2014

Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
Publisher: Walker
Buy online: Amazon
Book borrowed from the national library

(Actual) Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I could not find the right words to review Clockwork Princess as it has greatly been a pleasure to read. The trilogy in it's entirety itself, from the beginning, has captured my heart to continue to know more of, the characters especially. Overall, I've realized the purpose of the prequel. One of them was Henry Branwell's genius inventions that shaped the Shadowhunter world. It has fairly fascinated me.

It's truly difficult to easily forget and say goodbye to such a well-written and very engaging trilogy. One I've truly felt most attached to, in a while. I felt that the conclusion has left me somehow between satisfied and unsatisfied, probably because I had a high expectation. There come surprises that comes along towards the end, of how the story went on with a tiny plot twist I never saw coming.

I've had my fears and hopes for Jem at the start of Clockwork Princess. It has, I admit, always been William for me. However, I've come to also have the absolute admiration for Jem. Such that he amazed me of how he could lighten up Will and those people who surrounds him. He has been the one who has enough patient and one who see weakness as strength. It has hurt me to the bone to see him suffer in this one. I would say though that Jem's decision he has chosen for himself has been a well-thought out, where he has to contemplate the path where he had the opportunity to stay on. I see really how he couldn't leave his friends just yet. He knows it.

Tessa and Will, on the other hand, had sacrificed equally so much for their friend, Jem. One I cannot possibly endure and would have completely given up. I salute their boldness, fighting spirit and compassion when they stepped up for everyone's safety and well-being of others before themselves.

There quite a number of quotes to take note of. Eventually will lead to a scene in the book. I will end off my review with, not the cliche way where I have to convince anyone here to read Clockwork Princess, but if you do go ahead!!! I assure you, you'll feel something. Something I myself couldn't explain still. Anyway, I thought of how I live my life. It was briefed how I think through it. I saw it when Tessa has many days to come that she would be facing in life ahead of her. That's when I appreciate the question, what exactly have I got to loose? Time has constantly reminding me that its slipping away fast and I may not control its speed and be ahead of it but I have to do so for me to know what I would likely I ever wanted to achieve in the end.

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