Monday, February 24, 2014

Seven Days of Secret Diamonds: 7 Reasons Why I Love My Family

Hi to all visiting my blog! I'll be sharing...well, the title says it all. But anyway, let me highlight the event that I'm pretty confident of sharing my 7 reasons why I love my family! It'll not be exactly 7 but it's 7.

Some of us may have read The Secret Diamond Sisters. I've got something for you today, in fact a couple surprises your way. Not to worry, everyone will have some more surprises from this post today!

Let's start with this fun fact: The character of Jackson wasn’t in the original draft — he was written in during the editing phase!

Here goes my top 7 list! *drum roll*

1. Anything that makes things memorable for the family, whether it was unpleasant or just plain out of boredom, we try to make jokes out of them for our fun entertainment. No offense taken!

2. I love how supportive my family are in every step of the way.
3. Stories my dad enthusiastically shares with me and his advice, one of those favorite good times I enjoy discussing.
4. Mom's delicious food! Nom nom nom.
5. Different kinds of love that goes around home sweet home.
6. We have quite of an obsession when it comes to gadgets of any. Preferably, mine is the laptop. The rest of them, cellphones which is beyond me.
7. Most importantly, I love that we are all in this together called life. I couldn't ask for more. I love them tons!


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Can't get enough?

There are a number of bloggers participating for this event as well! Please stop by and check out their posts! Links below.

Tomorrow will be the release day of The Secret Diamond Sisters! It'll be lots of fun for the book birthday party!

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