Friday, May 29, 2015

YA Epic Reads Blog Tour Presents: First by Chanda Stafford

Blurb for the First:

Seventeen-year-old Mira works on a farm in the ruins of Texas, along with all of the other descendants of the defeated rebels. Though she’s given her heart to Tanner, their lives are not their own.

When Socrates, a powerful First, chooses Mira as his Second, she is thrust into the bewildering world of the rich and influential. Will, a servant assigned to assist her, whispers of rebellion, love, and of a darker fate than she’s ever imagined.

With time running out, Mira must decide whether to run to the boy she left behind, the boy who wants her to live, or the man who wants her dead.

About the Author

Chanda Stafford was born in the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan. It’s the kind of place where you measure miles in the time it takes you to get there, you have to put chains on your tires for nine months out of the year, and when people ask you where you live, you hold your hand up like a mitten and point. When she became tired of the snow, she moved to Arizona and fell in love with the mountains. Eventually, Michigan called her home and she moved back, though she still misses the mountains, the warm temperatures, and the amazing people she met along the way.

Author Interview w/ Chanda Stafford!

1. Describe your most ideal writing spot.

That's easy :). I'd love to write on the beach of a tropical island, right next to the one Johnny Depp owns.

2. Who has inspired you in your life and why?

When I was growing up, I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. The manager there took me under her wing and really inspired me to be a dedicated, hard worker. This has filtered into my writing because she helped me understand that only through perseverance can I achieve the success I want.

3. Tell us something nobody knows about you.

I want to go swimming with Great White sharks, shark cage optional. Crazy, right?

4. How did you come up with the title?

My publisher and I discussed several different titles for First. After batting around several ideas, we came up with First and I really liked it. Not only does it refer to the type of person who can live forever by taking a young person's body, but also Mira herself, who may very well be the first of her kind, as well.

5. What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Oh geez, that really depends on the day. I love Adrian's chapter, because he's so innocent and so unsure of what's going on, but I also love the chapter where (and I'll try not to spoil it too much), Mira comes to a big decision about her future. Oh, and the one where Socrates talks to his son, Adam, is also a favorite of mind. Then there's the last chapter. I LOVE that one, too. I can't pick just one!

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Hey y'all! Thanks for hanging out with me and Ms Chanda Stafford! Be sure to stay tuned on the blog because I'll be posting the review for First soon! Don't hesitate to check out the book as well! HAPPY READING!

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