Friday, May 15, 2015

Ready To Go by Stephanie Mann

Daniel is sick of his wonderfully boring and predictable life. He dutifully gets up every morning, goes to class, goes to work, and it never changes. He does, says and even wears exactly what others expect of him. He's so predictable that he barely notices just how unhappy he truly is.

One afternoon, everything changes when Daniel meets a girl on the run from her own demons. She doesn't need Daniel's help, but he offers and she accepts--setting a course for an adventure neither will soon forget.

Together, on an impromptu road trip, two strangers become friends and a bit more, all while facing money problems, car problems, and tourist traps and the naked truth: they can't run forever.

Will they finally stop running long enough to discover true and lasting love?

Author: Stephanie Mann (Twitter)
Publisher: Swoon Romance NA

**The ebook was gifted by the publisher via giveaway tour in exchange for an honest review**
(Actual) Rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

I've waited so long to read this book and this year is the year I finally did!  

Ready To Go pretty much focuses on two characters, Daniel and Nicole, both of them set out on an unexpected journey to California. Finding comfort and satisfaction away from their previous hometowns and hoping they find the change they want as an individuals.

I can't say I didn't enjoy the book when the beginning was truly intriguing and that made me wanted to read the whole book in just a few hours. The story kicks off interestingly enough for both Daniel and Nicole. It has a potential plot and the concept has sorrowful feel to it. The two didn't exactly clicked instantly but turns out they were drawing closer to each other as they share tiny pieces of their background and the issues they faced in their life.

I'm not satisfied with the character development especially for Nicole. Nicole's character is likable at the start but as the story continues, I didn't support the way she acted around Daniel so much. Initially, I was fine with her when she's being careful around Daniel since they are completely strangers. Then barriers between them does not exist anymore, I felt like Nicole was quite different. She's outspoken and pretty demanding, in my opinion. I feel that she doesn't take consideration for Daniel's feelings that much only the things she might needed for herself.

As for Daniel, he's calm and if someone intentionally pushes the button, he might not control his anger. I was pretty surprised by his reaction although it was reasonable enough that he convinced Nicole to give up the money for the maintenance of his car.

Overall, Ready To Go is mainly about the story of the two characters and the conversation that they have shared throughout their journey. I just wish it has more dynamic things going on so that the story will be more engaging. I'm afraid it was the context was vague to the point where it has only been mentioned once or twice.

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