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Blog Tour: The Calm After the Storm by Mya O'Malley (Review)

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We are happy to bring you today's stop on the blog tour for The Calm After the Storm by Mya O'Malley.

The Calm After the Storm by Mya O'Malley

The Calm After the Storm, the newest contemporary romance from Mya O’Malley, tells the story of Emma Riley, a single woman affected by the tragedy and destruction of Hurricane Sandy, and Jake Mack, a utility foreman who volunteers to assist with the cleanup of the devastation caused by the storm. Both have sworn off love, but neither counted on falling in love again so quickly. Will their love survive the devastation of the storm – and their pasts?
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About the Author

Mya O'Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter, and three stepdaughters. The family also consists of their boxer, Destiny, and their ragdoll cat, Colby.

Mya earned an undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy. She works as a special education teacher and enjoys making a difference in the lives of her students.

Mya's passion is writing; she has been creating stories and poetry since she was a child. Mya spends her free time reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She is a romantic at heart and loves to craft stories with unforgettable characters. Mya also likes to travel; she has visited several Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Mya is currently working on her sixth novel.

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The Calm After The Storm by Mya O'Malley

The Calm After the Storm introduces readers to Emma who is living in her house all alone by herself in New York when an unexpected storm hit and affected the many lives along the east coast. However for Emma, she did not look at the misfortune that the storm brought in instead she focused and looked upon the opportunity knocking on her door, that will eventually lead her to the better days of her life.

I enjoyed the book of Emma and Jake how both individuals stood by their principles in their lives and yet able to manage each other through challenges. I respect Jake's patience and how he took the challenges as a part of his love for Emma. He has soft-side you can't help but love. He doesn't hold grudges on the people who has hurt him. I adore that about Jake. He's not hot-headed either. Same goes to Emma. The hospitality she offers Jake and the crew, provided some treats as a way to greet them with a warm welcome and to show her gratitude for their aid in helping the victims of the town.

The book was slightly long winded and I noticed that I get bored when the relationship of Jake and Emma was on and off. Although, I understand that their relationship will not be so easy but I hope it didn't have to quite a rush into it. Decisions should be well-thought out. Especially, the times that I felt Jake and Emma are a bit awkward in their position in the relationship at first. Perhaps it was the responsibilities they both have in the relationship that has made it difficult for them.

The Calm After the Storm is a book that will make the readers believe in lost love does not mean love ends because we messed up in life. Love finds its way back to us to show the truth it has to reveal in its own. Holding us together to make it through every storm there is in life.

(Actual) Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars



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