Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Timedance #2: Starlight's Edge

David has tried to prepare Zee for life on New Earth, but the transition is far from easy. Zee realises that, far from his cover as a scholar back in London, David is part of an elite time travelling corps that often takes on complex and hazardous missions. His wealthy and powerful family has high hopes for his future, and it's clear from the start that Zee isn't the girl they had in mind for him. Zee finds New Earth more alien than she imagined. There are wonderful things on New Earth, but there are some things that were much, much, better in the past. On top of this she must struggle with her career as an Empath and train to be a Diviner. And further to this she has to deal with the prejudices against emigres such as herself. When David goes on a mission to rescue manuscripts before Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii, Zee has a powerful warning that he is in mortal danger. Can she save him in time?

Author: Susan Waggoner (Facebook)
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Buy online: Amazon
Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Starlight's Edge
is one of the books I've been wanting to read and so excited to read about! I never thought today is THE day I would finally get to read this book! Perfect timing! I've been waiting for the right moment for like an eternity to read this book and now it's here. It has been worth the wait to be honest!

Starlight's Edge narrates the story of Zee McAdams as she fully dedicate herself to come home with David Sutton's world called New Earth. Little did she know that New Earth is utterly indescribable and the life she will be living onwards has been real out of science fiction. The shock came to her as she enters a new different world that had her questioning her choices.

I have to say I enjoyed the book. SO in love with it that I couldn't be bothered by anything that was going on around me. I truly had a great time reading the story of Zee and David. Their passion seeps through the pages and I just couldn't stop reading until there are no longer pages to read. It was a quick and very well-written book. Intelligible, full of creativity into the setting of the story. The plot has its own unique and originality to it.

I really appreciate the characters. The author has perfectly introduced new characters in and I wasn't disappointed how it turns out. It was truly intriguing to know David's brother, Paul. I'm not going to say he was mysterious that I want to know more about him but the author created him as a cause to something that will be revealed in the later part of the story. It turned out really well. The characters are likable and well-rounded. Very responsible for the acts that they do. I like that. They have their own ability to think for themselves and are not selfish either.

I also have to give my good opinion to the fiction world placed in to the story. It's so dynamic, I find it really interesting. How the author come up with such an idea of the future is pretty well researched and knowledgeable that we can compare the difference between our Earth and the New Earth she has formed in the book. I can visualize how the New Earth can possibly be part of our world. That has got me pondering. Last but definitely not the least, the trip to Pompeii is the part where the book takes me to another era I will never be able to visit and I'm so in love with it. The author describes it in a way I feel that I was actually in Pompeii without getting off the couch or bed. Just me and the book. The connection that the story brings to the readers is immensely developed and deepened. You'll just love the entirety of the book.

In a nutshell, I highly recommend Starlight's Edge to everyone who loves a quick read at the moment and would also enjoy science fiction and romance thrown to it, here's a new book to add to your TBR list! You're welcome in advance!

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