Saturday, October 29, 2011

As You Wish

This book is written by Jackson Pearce. Viola Cohen and A Jinn <— Love these two charcters! Since Viola broke up with her boyfriend, she spent her days silently wishing to have someone to love her again and more importantly to belong again. Until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie. He will remain until she makes three wishes. At the last part of the book was so touching. I love love love Jinn!!! Btw, if I have 3 wishes to make…

I’LL WISH THESE: 1) I wish my dad will have a job here in Singapore so that I won’t be leaving my school, Bartley and I can still continue studying there till Sec 4/5. To see my classmates again. 2) I want to be able to see David this Nov 19 and have tickets and my gifts for him ready! 3) Last but not least, I want my brother to pass every subject for the rest of the school year we’re going to spend in Bartley and I include my two other siblings to pass too! That’s all. Those are my 3 wishes. Nicely fitted. I don’t want anything now. Just three wishes above.

Reading this book is really funny— Jinn and Viola hahah! Lovely characters! I escaped a tear at the last chapter. I though Jinn will get over her but no. He love her!! Eeek!  Light pink roses – Admiration, friendship, romance. Awww!! I love the flower boy! JINN!

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