Saturday, October 15, 2011

Post Thoughts on 'Stolen' - G = Ty x

My whole day thinking about the book ‘Stolen’. About Ty and Gemma. Oh gosh!

Ty write like this: gonna catch a snake. See you lata! Ty x

I can’t stop myself. Ty and Gemma, have been perfect if…if he had NOT done IT. I want them to be together but I knew it won’t happen anyway. But still.. Oh well. I guess we have to let go. Gemma did the right decision to say goodbye to Ty and made everything final.

It’s just really an amazing book that I can’t wait for it to turn into a movie someday. Even my friend who I recently spoke to about this book is super excited as I am! She’ll try to read ‘Stolen’ (and The Hunger Games). :)

I’m stuck with the song, Disaster by Jojo too! Great song for Gemma and Ty!! Ah love both characters (though Ty is a…you know) oh gosh. In the song, its just…the lyrics has agony. DEEP agony. In the lyrics: “No happy ever after, just disaster.”

That song has something to connect with Gem and Ty’s relationship, some way or the other at least.

My mind is so full of things about these two characters—you know haha! I was imagining what happens if there’s a sequel… I was just plain CRAZY with it imagining something that I know it’s not going to happen anytime! But really WHAT IF? WHAT IF TY got the letter?!
I may better as well shut up before I really go bursting out-GOING INSANE!

Queenielyn xoxo

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