Wednesday, October 05, 2011

When ‘Lightning’ meets Lucas Delos

BOOM! Lucas Delos and Helen Hamilton are meant to be with each other! This book is Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini (@josieangelini). I love Lucas and Helen so much!! Perfect couple! Really hope they are not cousins. Talking about the characters, Lucas… I might just die! He’s that handsome and sweet and everything at all! Helen, on the other hand, is a girl who just found out about who she truly is. Her mother…well, I don’t really trust her (I trust Lucas lol).

The song that reminds me of this book and these two characters, is the song from The Wanted—Lightning. Lightning is one of Helen’s ability! She get dehydrated when she has used all of her stored up lightning! Pretty cool, huh? Better read the book! This is just tiny little bit of what’s about.

Now that Hector (Lucas’ cousin) has a sin (killed his own kin), they need to protect him from whatever comes. Helen too is in big danger, the gods want her dead but Lucas and his family are there protect her and Hector.

If you want to know, don’t hesitate to grab the book! Go borrow in the library or buy online store or anything at all just to get the book! Happy reading peeps!

Song of the day: Lightning by The Wanted

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