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The Demigod Diaries

A new collection of short stories set in Percy Jackson’s world, plus character profiles, new artwork, and more! 

A debut short story from Rick’s son Haley Riordan, who inspired the Percy Jackson series. Haley ponders the question: "What happened to the demigods who fought with Kronos's army after the battle in Manhattan?" This is the story of one such demigod.

Author: Rick Riordan (Website, Twitter)
Publisher: Hyperion Book
Buy online: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound
Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mr Riordan never left us disappointed with this book! Every short story in it, gave good themes and an absolute joy for me because it's just so awesome!!

It's a world created that so original and full of adventures that you know you will want more!! So exciting! Makes me have that adrenaline rush and heart racing whenever monsters come and attack our favorite demigods.

There are actually 4 short stories in total and my gosh, you'll love the illustrations provided - whether it's in black or white or with color. Doesn't matter. You'll love this, demigods! There's also a bonus - which comes with an interview with George and Martha Hermes' snakes!

Let start sharing my thoughts on the next next paragraph! Ready?

My thoughts on each short story. Starting with:

The Diary of Luke Castellan— this one I felt touched. It's a heartfelt story that involves main characters, Luke and Thalia. They are following Amaltheia, a goat that has been leading them to their destination. It leads them to a mansion and there, readers are introduced to Halycon Green, son of Apollo. As Luke and Thalia finds out what leads them there in order to get what they had come for exactly.
I had about a few things that I saw what the story has been trying to pass onto the readers as we read it.

"... voice would lead others to their doom."

Not really. That's where the gods completely got the wrong fact. Voice speaks truth too. Not all lies. Our voice could be used as evidence. We have the ability to speak of what is right which in Halcyon's case, he has the voice that could predict the future and help save lives.

How could the gods prevent and punish him for doing the right thing when the most logical thing to do when others are in need of help is to... well, HELP. That's just not a good reason enough for cursing Halcyon as well. Or probably the gods do not want to intervene of what's in the mortal world? Unfair of them. Blegh! He should be rewarded for his wonderful deed - saving the life of a little girl!

How ironic of the gods too. They wanted to save the world. To save the world meaning, saving people's lives. Right?

This short story which we knew Luke is writing an entry in his diary. In Percy Jackson series, we saw him as traitor, cruel, harsh, anything he's done had been bad all along. However, it changed my opinions about him when I read Demigod Diaries. Luke has got his own exceptional reasons for hating his kind (demigods, being part of Olympus) and turned his back on the gods and his fellow demigods. You may think, why include demigods? Well I think it's because Luke sees them agreeing to what the gods in Olympus is ordering them to do. He looked at a different angle as well especially the gods' unfairness to their innocent children, abandoning them, leaving them to survive their own or just like Halycon's placing a curse on him like he did something real bad. I don't get why the gods sees it as 'in big trouble' when you help mortals. Come on!

Now I truly see what made Luke has got the idea to betray the gods. Halcyon's fate had his eyes finally open wide and sparks of rebellion against Olympus.

Luke isn't really an evil person. He just made to take the wrong path and wrong decisions in his life. It's the same in reality. I remember what my English teacher told the class that, it doesn't necessarily mean there are good people alone or bad people alone. Neither exists because there are good people who do bad things. Also, there are bad people who do good things. True that!

Halcyon is such a wonderful, softhearted man. I think he found his strength in both Luke and Thalia and felt grateful for their encouragements. He might have seen himself he could help Luke and Thalia. Particularly, Luke. Halcyon believed in Luke's potentials and he is hopeful for it. In my opinion, that symbolizes what he handed down to Luke - a diary and dagger.

Luke reluctantly accepts them and respects Halcyon's decision. Halcyon felt courageous, brave heart in an instance. Letting everything out of his shoulders, his fear of the gods that put him in such dread/hopeless hero is now freer than he will have than that any moment he spent in the mansion. Would you sacrifice your life in order to save someone else's life selflessly - barely knowing who you save? Would you?

That's probably the longest!! Haha!

Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes - Well... *hint hint* Percy and Annabeth! It's also incredible!! Just an advice to those who are in relationship: do not, DO NOT forget your anniversary! Your partner will probably get tossed and fry you alive in a huge frying pan! Haha! And don't beware of talking annoying snakes. They got really ridiculous and annoying! ;)

3rd short story...

Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford - Leo is left with an hour before Argo 2 is goes wiping out and explode the woods and he lost his friend, Buford, a work table gone missing! In the worktable, Leo kept his important various parts for the engine, Argo 2. Panic, panic! Running out of time!

Love the party going on! And really humorous!! I was laughing my head off!! This is my favorite short story! We should always be thankful for everything and not take things for granted.

Last but not least...

Son of Magic: Written by the author's son, Haley Riordan. Alabaster, a demigod and a mortal author who has been expertise in writing on deaths non-fiction books - Dr Claymore. Alabaster and Dr Claymore crossed paths to help each other on this conflict between powerful daughter of Hecate, Lamia. Together, Olympus and mortal world set to defeat Lamia and sends her to Tartarus. Hecate- mother of Lamia and Alabaster, will she help her children? Dr Claymore is our eye for each event as we find out what happens next.

Extremely fascinating story and excellent writing!! It started out creepy, mysterious, in my opinion, that's got me so into it!! Drawn to it! Amazing, really! I love it!

Demigod Diaries is just absolutely full of AWESOMENESS!! And my favorite short story would be Leo Valdez and the quest for Buford! Very entertaining! Had a great time reading Demigod Diaries! If you need adventures, action-packed, witty, good sense of humor- READ this!

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