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The boundary walls couldn't keep them apart.

Engaged to be married, Ash and Natalie are just starting to build a life together when things in the United Sentry States go from bad to worse. Ash and Natalie find themselves at the center of turmoil when dictator Purian Rose threatens Natalie’s life unless Ash votes in favor of Rose’s Law—a law that will send Darklings and other dissenters to a deadly concentration camp known as the Tenth.

When Ash can’t bring himself to trade Natalie’s life for those of millions of Darklings, her fate is sealed. Enter Elijah Theroux, the handsome Bastet boy Natalie once saved from her mother’s labs, where he’d been experimented on and tortured. It was his venom the Sentry used to create the lethal Golden Haze, the heart of the government conspiracy that led to Black City’s uprising and Ash’s rebirth as the Phoenix, the face of the rebellion. Elijah is back and Ash doesn’t like him; it’s clear he’s taken with Natalie, and Ash fears she may have feelings for him as well.

But Elijah also may have the answer to taking down Purian Rose for good—a powerful weapon called the Ora. Ash, Natalie and Elijah just have to escape Black City undetected to find it. But fleeing the city and finding this weapon (if it even exists) are easier said than done, and the quest could tear Ash and Natalie apart, even pushing them into the arms of others.

This enthralling sequel to Black City is just as absorbing, delicious and steamy as the first book, leaving readers hungry for the series conclusion.

Author: Elizabeth Richards (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Buy online: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository
Book borrowed from the national library

(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars
(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book is still in both Ash and Natalie's point of views, allowing us how they see the situations of what Phoenix has to reveal to the readers. Let me share a little background, so that it'll be clearer for those who haven't read Black City. I hope this might help you, why you should start reading Black City and Phoenix before the final installment, Wings! Wings COVER REVEAL - Check it out on my blog - click HERE!

Purian Rose was absolutely infuriated of how Ash's reputation is causing the uprising and rebellion against his law. People are starting to turn to him for his help that would finally bring down Purian Rose. Ash is also known as Phoenix when he was restored to life from his execution, the day he was served justice. Now, Ash is all set and determine to bring down Sentry government, with the support of members of Humans for Unity that would finally fulfill the hunger for freedom and equality among the races.

The witty plot and it's creative plot twists has got me from the beginning to the end. A fantastic read indeed! It was an intelligible writing and well-paced sequel. What has caught my attention was how the plot twist were on the characters. From trustworthy to completely different person all together and there is one character whom I still couldn't differentiate from the others. I guess they are still left for more surprises about them in the next installment. I'm hoping so.

The adventure and suspense fitted well. Elijah Theroux, who gives new adventures to the story - adding a mystery - of his mother's disappearance. He is a character who is newly introduced and there are a couple more new characters who are very intriguing! The romance was amazing! Impressive and oh, so captivating, I almost had my heart fell out of my chest! I tell you it is beautiful, even if it hurts a little tiny bit. You'll know it when you come across that part in Phoenix. Absolutely ravishing!

The cliffhanger was, well, pretty tinged with sadness but I do liked it. It wasn't the kind of I-pulled-my-hair-out-why-the-cliffhanger type of reaction I had after I turned the last page. I was actually surprised when the last page was blank that's all and then I started spacing out. I was looking for Beetle scenes and also Evangeline's. Unfortunately none appeared. I was expecting more of those characters to.

Last of all - what was significant to me when I read Phoenix was Ash. Ash is Phoenix. The title is pertinent to what Phoenix is going to be about - the context or situation. The cover sends a message too. I interpreted it after I read the whole book. The cover reveals a Phoenix's wing and a noticeable tiny feather that has fallen off of the original/wing. How I truly see beyond it: 1) Ash is igniting the power he has, spreading it across so that people would come to know what he is doing is right and also burning with passion, in my opinion, because I know that Ash will never turn his back to his people. He will do whatever he can to reach for the freedom of everyone. 2) Rose wanted Phoenix/Ash to be put to death or/and threaten him, which says that Rose is still the omnipotent leader than Phoenix/Ash. However, Rose is blinded by what he only knows. He didn't see there's still an opening, a chance for to fulfill Ash's plans.

I have so many thoughts about this book. I love love love it! I cannot wait for Wings!!!

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