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Tracey Martin's ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART Scavenger Hunt (ARC Review & Giveaways!)

Happy book birthday to Tracey Martin’s debut YA novel, ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART! *throws confetti*

There will be tons of fun as we celebrate the release day, because I would be able to share my thoughts about the book + Scavenger Hunt + Awesome prizes/giveaways you don't want to miss!

I'm so happy and really thrilled! I'm thankful too for the opportunity to have been able to participate to review and host ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART on the blog! WOO HOO!

 Christmas is just around the corner! Let's make the first day of December, a merry, merry!! Details are all covered below for the Scavenger Hunt! Don't forget that one song you need to complete the playlist *winks*

Another Little Piece of My Heart by Tracey Martin
December 1st 2013 by Harlequin Teen
Purchase it on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Harlequin

Summary from Amazon:

What if your devastating break-up became this summer's hit single? In this rock-and-roll retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion, music can either bring you together or tear you apart.

At her dying mother's request, Claire dumps Jared, the only boy she's ever loved. Left with a broken family and a broken heart, Claire is furious when she discovers that her biggest regret became Jared's big break. While Jared is catapulted into rock-star status, another piece of Claire's heart crumbles every time his song plays on the radio.
The summer after her senior year, it's been months since the big break-up, and Claire is just trying to keep her head down and make it through a tense trip to the beach with her family. But when Jared shows up, and old feelings reignite, can Claire and Jared let go of the past? Or will they be stuck singing the same old refrain?

"Sweet, sassy and incredibly swoon-tastic! The romance between these two musicians will strum every reader's heartstrings." - Jennifer Walkup, author of Second Verse

"A rocking second chance story layered with wit, music, and heart." - Jean Haus, author of In the Band

Queekie Girl Reads Reviews...

Another Little Piece of My Heart by Tracey Martin

**Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review**

I would like to say thank you to the author and HarlequinTEEN I had the chance to read and review advance copy of Another Little Piece of My Heart! Thank you very much! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do so!

Another Little Piece of My Heart thrills me the moment I picked it up for my next book to read. I knew I wanted to read it from the start. The music relation or theme with the characters has given me greater hope to enjoy the book. The book shares the meaning of living the dream of becoming a musician, but when that dream meets reality suddenly becomes impossible to continue.

Heart-stricken, and frustrated after the death of her mom, Claire still holds on to the right decision she had made and what has always been her mom's wish - breaking up with Jared. She doesn't want the situation in the family to continue to be a mess and unhappy all the time when Jared is around. Claire chose her mom simply because she loves her mom, even more when days are counted down to the last days they could spend time, cherishing every moment with her. All Claire wanted is for her family whole and healed before everything falls apart.

What I like about Claire and Jared - they radiate great passion for music. They shared a language of their own through music, only two of them would understand. Be it, emotions, desires, or dreams. The connection they have is utterly unexplainable thing. They just instantly clicked the first time they met each other. Music has got be the main thing that resonates Jared and Claire with each other, in my opinion.

I noticed how Claire handle problems is somehow between realistic and unrealistic. She has put her family before anyone outside the family, which I'm happy about, when her mom was still around. Dealing with grief, heart-stricken, of how had her life was becoming. She has reminded me of someone who would just not ignore a fact that something isn't right about what has become of her family after her mom passed away. I also think Claire wanted to get on her parent's good side and tried very hard to do so. She attempted to do better for everyone in her family too but of course, you cannot please everyone around you.

Does Claire even have to compare herself to anyone, particularly Jared? Comparing talents to anyone doesn't mean better progress than the others, maybe some motivation and improvements. Instead of focusing on what has become of Jared, I hope she could have just have a better, grown up talk with her dad. I was expecting a good ending that includes her dad and her having improvements with their relationship as daughter and dad. If there's any part that I missed out, well, I need to be informed because I truly didn't read anything about the father. The father has definitely has some issues of his own too, that needs fixing. I'm sure Claire would be there for him despite his attitudes that he gave her.

In my opinion too, Claire wasn't given the chance that she could be trusted. The decisions that she's making for herself are her responsibilities. Her mom's view could be sensible about Claire and Jared's relationship. I couldn't help though, she was pretty heartless. Just because the guy has no plans for college or for that matter his future. She was all instantly forget-it on her qualification sort of, of who would be a perfect match for Claire. Claire's parents has good intentions, but I hope it could've just been a guide for her to realize of what's to come, on her own will. Without actually leaving her out of options. They should've given her more credit. She's growing up, in her adolescent years. She needs to learn to be responsible.

Jared might as well be threatening to their family, when all he ever did was to love and accept the accusations thrown at him, but even that has got to be hurting him of course. That's what I like about Jared. In other words, guys hurt too.

The breakup was just a misunderstanding but in this case, it created a pretty huge drama. It was a little too fast for Jared to have assumed things that should've been properly discussed together and truly understand what's been happening. That breakup between him and Claire was a bit selfish because only Jared made a decision. Claire's out of the discussion about breaking up, as if she wasn't a part of their relationship at all. There are some parts where Claire's thoughts has got to me as though my thoughts and mind were going numb. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and music, of course!

I hope for those of you planning to read the book, please go on ahead and check out/read Another Little Piece of My Heart. Go figure out if you will love it, unlike me who goes only liking it. After all, we all have different views on the books after reading them.

(Actual) Rating: 3 of 5 stars

and now... for the SCAVENGER HUNT!

I'm sure you guys are ready to know what this event is going to be like on the blog!
I'm excited here because this is the first time my blog's participating in a scavenger hunt! *throws more confetti* *big bear hugs everyone*

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

I know you are! *drum rolls*
Oh wait... *scratches head* Do we even have any idea of what are we going to look for?

Well, let me help you with the guidelines first. If that's all right.

Scavenger hunt directions:

There are 12 songs on Another Little Piece of My Heart Claire’s Summer Survival Playlist in total. Therefore, 12 stops on the scavenger hunt (posting from November 29 – December 1).

You’ll notice that I’ve linked to one song from the playlist.

That one song could be around this post and is what you're going to hunt down, in order to complete the scavenger hunt! Keep your eyes open and look out!

12 songs - Find them all, and discover 12 chances to win great Harlequin TEEN books and Another Little Piece of My Heart swag!

Let's go get 'em!!


Yes! A special giveaway this is!! I'm very happy to announce that Queekie Girl Reads is hosting a contest that's open internationally! I'll be choosing the winner! YAY! I love hosting contests where everyone are welcome to participate!

Are you getting excited yet? I hope you are because there's a great chance these goodies could be yours soon and this is just one of those giveaways! There's another one below *grins*

Prizes you can win:

3 Harlequin TEEN backlist titles
  • Dancergirl by Carol Tanzman
  • Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz
  • Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagen

Also, some swags!
  • ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART buttons and bookmarks

How awesome is that? *grins* Simply enter the rafflecopter form below. All the best!

Don't forget to scroll down and you could also win another giveaway from the Scavenger Hunt!

Contest ends on Dec 10th, 12 AM (SGT).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What's more?

 More? Did you hear that right? MORE! YES! *grins*
There's MORE than just one GIVEAWAY, aside from what you read earlier! So exciting!
Find out below how you could win the Grand prize giveaway and please take note of the rules.



One grand-prize winner will be randomly drawn to receive a $25 iTunes gift card in addition to books and swag!

To enter for the grand prize, send the complete, 12-song playlist, along with your contact information (including the address where you’d like to receive your prize) to the author by using this contact form:

The winner will be notified by email after the contest ends on December 5th.


  • Open internationally, anyone below the age of 18 should have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. 
  • To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit the playlist using the contact form above by December 5th at noon Eastern Time. 
  • Entries sent without the correct playlist or without contact information will not be considered.

I'm glad that I got this one song for the scavenger hunt! Girls go wild for this band! It's just nice because this year I'd been listening to rock! *starts to play air guitar* haha!

All right, that's it everyone!

Wait... I forgot another thing. Oh yes, that one song...well, it's in this post, I promise. Are you ready to find out what's the title/no. of the song? *winks*

That's it for my stop. I hope you enjoyed yourself! Let's continue to be merry this December! Thank you for stopping by everyone and Happy hunting! Don't forget the song and to enter the awesome giveaways!! Let's go get 'em! :)

Psst. Here. It's here. No kidding.  It's that one song you need for scavenger hunt, remember. I made a promise. Hope you got it :)!

YouTube link:
iTunes link:

The Beatles, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”; Song #10 in Claire’s Summer Survival Playlist

.FIN. *winks*

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