Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Dill Pickle by Katherine Mansfield

First and foremost, I believe that a dill pickle has highlighted how a woman may have encountered at one point in their life a man can be insensitive to things, particularly the feelings of others. This story tells that the author’s opinion has something to do with feminism. Empowering women to stand up when they are not treated well in the society as the man in the story has been generalized. Most often than not, men in the society can manipulate anyone with persuasion and sweet-nothings which is also an advantage because they have control of what is going on – more or less. However, that is where the man in the story, is not even observant enough to know that women or Vera in the society are also able capable of thinking for themselves without the manipulation from their flowery words. I think it varies with our gender as well in terms of our sensitivity. In the story, the man merely wanted to share the stories to Vera enthusiastically but the thing was how come Vera did not even had the sense to interrupt him to say that he has been really self-engrossed with his life that he forgot to ask about her life. I guess it might have been that Vera was indeed respectful towards the man despite him being such a self-centered person and overall I truly appreciate her disciplined upbringing.

The love story that bloomed between them was indeed sweet and all the dreamy feelings that lovers will intend to definitely achieve with many things in mind that one goal to share the passion for something. As for Vera and the man, it was the passion to travel. This implies that they were indeed in love but things went downhill for the both of them because Vera was not delighted with how the man was becoming. She has seen the true colors of the man she invested her time with, until the days were counted that they simply were not truly that happy because the man is but has a grip over her that has a risk towards her freedom of happiness as it turns out the sourness upon them. Perhaps, it was a positive thing that when in a relationship with someone and problems surfaced, it is the time to challenge the real love between couples. It is also an opportunity to really examine together if truly they are towards the same goals in life and connected with the same values and upbringings to create a wonderful future based with the same principles.

In summary, A Dill Pickle teaches me about being considerate, respect and discipline when encountering people, regardless of their background or status in life. Love for travel, love for learning, loving to do the right things for the person you love is important as the story signifies that love has to be understood even if she left you with only memories.

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