Monday, September 11, 2017

Old Mrs. Grey by Virginia Woolf

Putting myself in the shoes of Mrs. Grey, I wish to have not dwelled on the negative things that kept happening even to the point where my life is about to reach the finishing line as truly indeed life is short.

In my opinion, I would have wondered why my life went downhill as I grow older maybe I did not choose anyone to be my confidant. I rather spent my days with books and maybe I should have learned about going spending alone time to enjoy my own company. By the time I reach the old age, there can be a reserved love just for myself from the days I have learnt to appreciate the little things in life like being able to know myself given to me as this is a blessing.

Another thing about being alone between my final days is the fact that it can get you to be depressed about a lot of things. The sufferings of having to wait for so long when do I get a chance of peace, I would also ask why after all I have gone through life, as it was in the way I know.

To summarize, in my opinion, the bottom line of Old Mrs. Grey story is to highlight that life is short. However short it is, learn to do and hold on to things which will lasts a lifetime. If possible, stick to the happiness you feel in the present and never take it for granted because happiness can be temporary in this called life.

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