Friday, September 08, 2017

The Price of Inequality by Joseph E. Stiglitz

‘Success at one moment of time does not guarantee success at later dates.’

Back then I thought when someone tells you good luck, you already have all the luck that you may need at that particular point in your life. When actually it means you are the luck you need instead of leaning towards the luck per se. Who here has the ability that you can predict the future and that you can prove you will be successful without doing anything in your life because you are most likely to end up wealthy and prosperous anyway? No one can tell for certain about the success that will come our paths because along the way success comes understanding hardship do we know our true capabilities such as our strengths and weaknesses.

To understand hardship, you do not have to go through such extreme and severe situations where one is tortured or may be suffering from any kind of illnesses. Hardship can simply be the challenges that you face in your current life. The experience of not being able to cope in my studies has affected my sleeping patterns in the past few days. The continuous school days that included Sunday makes me discouraged to attend some of my classes. It has been tough as this clearly affects the right decisions I make in life. I was not able to look into the positive side that this was an opportunity for me to embrace the experience that such is inevitable in the future as I enter the workforce. This utterly made me look into a new perspective to appreciate and treasure the time I am given as I’m still a student.

Another is when getting the highest score in a particular subject once and for the second time where my confidence level has gone complacent. I have expected the highest score would again be mine to take. In the end, I have fooled myself to think that that was a way towards success when in actual I was gambling between winning and losing. It’s the moment when I have to strive to achieve the things I want .The determination and discipline to be applied as well in order to have a clear path of what you want to attain at the end of the day as success does not work for you, you work for it. It does not take a day to obtain success. It takes many years to have success to be truly yours to take.

Investing in relationship is essential as well. Although this does not guarantee success in terms of wealth, you invest on being successful in building good relationship with others. You are already one step up the ladder to success as this will also serve the chance for you to take the opinions of others positively. Interacting with others exposed you to different kinds of people and different people with experiences that we can learn from them and to gain these as a part of our knowledge. As the saying goes, 'Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.’

In a nutshell, success is the fruit that an individual bears when one is able to understand the key to having it that will lasts as they embrace hardship that they take them with full responsibility and which invests in creating good relationship with others.

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