Friday, November 11, 2011

Tidbits on my current reading so far: What Happened To Goodbye

I’m not really going to my-so-basic review of this book yet, because I am halfway through the book, currently reading it and started only today. I just wanna share some things that got me stop reading for a while. I found interesting things to share for you about this book from Sarah Dessen!

When I got to the point of where Dave Wade (character in the book), mentions about “your 2 AM”, I just couldn’t help but think about the meaning of it! Clearly here’s my tweet:

and unexpectedly someone replied to my random tweet haha! It was a really cool reply btw! I just love her! She’s really sweet auntie to me!

I read her reply tweet to me and I can’t stop laughing out loud sitting on the sofa! I replied to her, saying, true. Idk though if she meant the friendship one or BEYOND friendship. But I guess, she’s referring to “BEYOND relationship”. :)

In the book though, Dave explains to McLean that “2 AM” means… something like friendship, who always be there for you whenever you need them even when it’s late at night and you call ‘em, they are always there for you. But you know I don’t think that’s what he really meant on the book…it’s pretty clear to me that it’s more than that.


This tweet I saw a while ago was so close to the story of the book and it makes me sad because I absolutely think that it’s true.

P.S. This is all for now…I can’t really get out all the feelings from the first interesting tidbit. I’m having a hard time explaining my feelings. Yeah…it’s true, i don’t have my own real 2 AM. Trust’s not about boys I’m referring to..I’m actually talking about best friends. Oh well, you’ll never understand me. Thanks all for you concern, really.

NOT TO FORGET —–> Happy #3rdDavidArchuletaAnniversary debut album! @DavidArchie :D

CRUSH – Single

If you want more music…go check David Archuleta today!

If you want some 2 AM song related from the tidbit topic I shared, well I got some, from Taylor Swift! Not really THAT related but at least, the lyrics from her songs has 2 AM in them. I listened to her songs and actually heard lots of 2 AM and it puzzled me, saying, “does it actually have meaning?” Probably, I was lucky to have the answer given by Dave Wade, eh? LOL. ;)

That’s The Way I Loved You
But I’ve been screamin’ and fightin’
And kissin’ in the rain
And it’s

2 a.m.

and I’m cursin’ your name
You’re so in love that you act insane
And that’s the way I loved you

It’s 2 a.m., feelin’ like I just lost a friend
Hope you know this ain’t easy, easy for me


The lingering question kept me up, 2 a.m., who do you love?
I wonder ’til I’m wide awake

Keep checking for the next blog! Ciao! :)

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