Friday, March 15, 2013

Shades of Earth

Godspeed was once fueled by lies. Ruled by chaos. Now it’s time to come home. But life on Centauri-Earth is far from perfect. Threats from the planet and from within the colony are tearing them apart, although Elder and Amy do all they can to keep it together. Because if the colony collapses? Then everything they have sacrificed–friends, family, life on Earth–will have been meaningless.

Author: Beth Revis (Website, Twitter)
Publisher: Razorbill
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Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 5 of 5 stars

The time has finally come for the shipborns and Earthborns to emerge and help one another for survival on the perilous unfamiliar planet that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each page will transport us to where dangers are, truth unfolds that we never would have expected. Amy and Elder continues the search for clues of missing pieces - the truth that holds everything that has to do with their new home - Centauri-Earth. Fight for what is worth and standing up for what is right. Amy and Elder has only one objective- a home for everyone. One thing is for certain - Amy and Elder will not let anything pass as they further dig for the truth.

Its setting is beyond of what I can all imagine. A new world that I can no longer keep up. Unbelievably incredible! As I read the book, I was so focused and can no longer feel the surroundings or wherever I was at that moment. Too engrossed with each details - reading every sentence and enjoying so much of the alternate points of view from the main characters - Amy and Elder. I was fascinated with the author coming up with such a plot that really is a mind-blowing science fiction. The setting of the plot is full of mysteries and what the characters are up against left me in the best of thrills. That includes riddles, clues. And the author has no idea that I love the volume book where the last clue is hidden. I am as curious as Amy and Elder of what lurks finding out what truly is going on.

Most of the characters are realistic. I could relate to Elder, most of the time. In my opinion, from the previous books in the trilogy which in 'Across The Universe' and 'A Million Suns', Elder pretty much appeared living his life in fear when in Godspeed whereas on this context - it shows he is a capable future leader despite the mentality he has that he thinks of difficult tasks he can't handle when actually he could. He just needed encouragement and support. I love Elder too because he is not a self-centered person who will just think of himself or what he wants.
In every decision he makes, he will always consider whether the decision he made will help benefit his people. Elder always include his people in the equation of the situation. He always protects them in whatever way he can. He never forgets his responsibilities.

I had a thought that I think I should share on this review - a thought where it was not really the right time to think about  fictional characters while classes was still going.It was Social Studies period. My teacher was teaching about the principles of governance. The first principle was 'Leadership is a key'. As my teacher explained what it means -Elder's characteristic of a leader suddenly went popping out of my head. He's a good example for that particular principle and from there whenever that question comes out, I'd always have to link what Elder did. We had an essay on principles of governance. It started to finally get off as pretty easy after that. Smiles, smiles. Another thing I would like to share is this quote:

"It's not about what you can't do but everything you can."

Believe me or not, I had to memorize that as I quote it from a moving bus that has advertisements on it distance away from me. It was early in the morning. Glad I was not feeling groggy at the time if not I wouldn't have noticed it. The quote reminded me of Elder. The 'mission impossible' ideas he came up with become possible and it has to come from fearless mentality he has gain in a short period of time and the only girl he left that made him even more stronger that keeps him intact.

I was taken by surprise too because Elder is so smart to know the term 'inertia' considering he didn't grew up on Sol-Earth. There were no teachers in Godspeed but he was able to learn as much. Frex! Stinking smart Elder. Now I feel embarrassed.

I know, I have so many praises to give Elder. Elder is my favorite character and it proves a lot. Intelligence is where Amy and Elder has similarity. That's one. And there's so many I want to talk about.

"I think about what Elder said once, how different everything would be if people just told the truth." -Amy 

True that! Absolutely agree with Amy! People tend to keep secrets or hide feelings that eventually leads to misunderstanding. It's difficult to say our true feelings I understand that but once its out, in my opinion, there will be tranquility and worries will reduce in exchange to carry lighter load. Share our opinions whether we agree or not so that people know what we attempt to tell them. Let us not make it hazy that will leave people confuse (sending miscommunication) before it gets further unfavorable.

Entirely fresh, creative that will not -NEVER leave me for quite a while. I don't know how to move on from here. I'm very much in love with the ending. I can't even. It made my whole year! I knew this trilogy wouldn't be a disappoint. Love it! Utterly unbelievable and amazingly written! Highly recommend trilogy!

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