Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vampire Academy #3: Shadow Kiss

Is Rose's fate to kill the person she loves most? It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation. Since Mason's death, Rose hasn't been feeling quite right. She has dark flashbacks in the middle of practice, can't concentrate in class, and has terrifying dreams about Lissa. But Rose has an even bigger secret... She's in love with Dimitri. And this time, it's way more than a crush. Then Strigoi target the academy in the deadliest attack in Moroi history, and Dimitri is taken. Rose must protect Lissa at all costs, but keeping her best friend safe could mean losing Dimitri forever...

Author: Richelle Mead (Author's Website, VA books official website, Twitter)
Publisher: Razorbill
Buy online: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound
Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars

How do I start this review? My thoughts are all over the place. My heart was just stabbed right through the chest whenever I think about the last few chapters. I'll make this review short and concise.

All mix of genres in one. It's very well plot! I really like the paranormal genre to it. It adds a creative new points of view of the book. I had learned something out of Mia and Christian's situation. I'll focus on these two.

I particularly want to talk more about Christian here. I want to connect him to the world we are in now - present. Teens view version, kind of. Christian is having a difficult time in the Academy because he is being misjudged. I don't get it. Why judge other people because of family backgrounds, in Christian's case anyway, without thinking the action would cause of depression. People should really stop the state of 'people should be flawless in anything about them' before they belong to the 'crowd'. Absurd. Know your peers well and then judge. Don't get confuse and follow others deed. Do what is right and appropriate. That's why I don't like queen Tatiana and another reason is she has all planned out what's best for Lissa without her permission and confirmation. Hag.

In Mia's case, however, is quite different. If I were to put my shoes into her, I would feel there's no use in getting to fight bringing it further and forget nothing is going to change in rivalry. Someone who would risk life to save you happens to be your biggest enemy sort of? Lots of changes there. She owes it to Rose. The relationship between her and Rose become much closer. Somehow, they understood each other from then and how when your life had it been in danger with your rival, all you can do is to put your trust to the person you are not compatible with. Now that's a challenge for all of us.

"Well, I've always had good people in my life...and there have been people who cared about me. But that doesn't necessarily mean I could trust them or tell them everything."

I'll leave off this review with open mind. There are more couple of messages the book is trying to tell me - go figure them all out! It's a wonder this series is a huge hit! Don't wait till you can't catch up with all the SQUEEEEE from the fans of the series! Never too late to start reading though. Enjoy pondering and of course, reading!

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