Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kindness for Weakness

Shawn Goodman will capture your heart with this gritty, honest, and moving story about a boy struggling to learn about friendship, brotherhood, and manhood in a society where violence is the answer to every problem.

Author: Shawn Goodman (Website)
Publisher: Delacorte Press
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Book borrowed from the national library
(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all, I want to say that this book is really an amazing, good read! I actually picked it up by random from the library!

Basically, here's the summary of what the book is about. James (no mentioned surname), a 15-year-old boy who lives in Dunkirk - a small town in western New York. He's got no friends. Friendless. His family is not on good terms. The only person he's got is his brother, Louis - strong, tough, and all with muscles - and looks up to him like he's some kind of hero who can save the world. At least in his 'world' - until admiration turns to disappointment.

"But the main reason I don't feel like a regular kid is because I have to worry about so many things."

The book gave me flashbacks from the nightmare of my past, though it isn't true that it was a nightmare in dream when I sleep, but for real - nightmares happen in reality.
I had seen so much. It's got to be worst than anything I've ever experienced. Challenges. Gonna knock you down to the ground if you have no strong heart, truly.

"...talent didn't matter; what mattered was heart. He said if we wanted it bad enough, if we had the heart, we'd win."

"How is it possible to be brave and afraid?"

Anyway, that word. Strong. I absolutely love that the book kind of focus on this. This year I actually did asked myself about the topic. Searched famous quotes about it even. And also on bravery. Brave. Wow. I'm always amazed when I see those two words. And this book makes me grin so wide. Tears of joy - flowing down my cheeks as it reminded me of how strong a person can be when we let ourselves be. I hear the words 'strong' and 'brave', in an instant I know what those words truly mean for me and how I see it in my perspective. It takes on me a whole new meaning.

In my opinion, doesn't mean you're strong physically that makes it certain you are. It shows how strong we are when we face circumstances, we are still able to be persistent, faithful, resilient. Steady. Strong doesn't have to be found on the outside rather it can also be from within us, inside - that eventually people may come to notice that weak is just a word.

There are parts in the book that made me cracked up and snorted. The ending was unexpected. I was touched by how James handled each situation he was in. How well he manages to keep calm though he was still afraid of standing for himself. Very inspirational. The hardship he went through was utterly heartbreaking and the ending itself.

It's indeed a captivating story. Well-paced writing and oh so beautiful!

"How useless are those big muscles when they're gifted to a coward?"

"People mistake your kindness for weakness."

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